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    Originally posted by Loyalty
    I think it was 4 million you paid to buyout his contract.
    Something like that, but the point is they get that money and get to keep thier money they were gonna pay him.....
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      they maybe looking to trade some players for picks and they can still drop other players to
      lets go team


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        The players they are getting are not that great.

        Andre Carter- Could be a decent pass rusher liability on 1 and 2nd down

        El- This guy is a gadget player he will not make them that much better. Just a decent 3rd option

        Archuleta- Good in the box but sucks at coverage. Like Lynch only not as good.

        LLoyd- He is a good player- But why did the niners who have nobody else to catch the ball want rid of him.

        The only reason people want them is because they are the only ones availible.

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