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    Just to add a thread other than a TO or J. Abraham thread, what are your thoughts about signing Tank Williams? We need safety help!

    25 Tank Williams, SS
    Height/Weight: 6-3/223
    Birthdate: 06/30/1980
    Birthplace: Gulfport, MS, USA
    Team: Tennessee Titans
    College: Stanford
    NFL Experience: 4

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    i dont kno about signing safeties
    john lynch once again made pro bowl
    and i think nick ferguson did great last season with 79 tackles and 5 interceptions
    i think our safeties are fine
    thats just my opinion
    I believe in you, Knowshon!


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      The last thing we need on this team is another strong safety. We already have two of them starting.
      A proponent of Denver drafting Cutler since 10/05.

      So naturally, my Adopt-A-Bronco is Jay Cutler!


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        As I've posted on other threads, our safeties are not the problem. Ferguson had 5 picks last year and is a solid tackler. Lynch had 4 sacks.

        The problem is, that our pass rushing woes force the team to blitz to get pressure. This either:

        a) forces the safeties to blitz thereby not having them in coverage.

        b) forces them to cover TEs, WRs, or backs man-to-man thereby not allowing for deep coverage "over the top".

        c) forces them to pick up a zone assignment (in a zone blitz scheme) which makes them very susceptible to double moves (pump and go) and play action - because they are reading the QBs eyes and not just trying to be the "deepest guy" on the field.

        With a decent four man pass rush where we don't have to blitz, it allows our safeties to play 2 deep or "Cover 2" which keeps them in coverage. Obviously, it's okay for safeties to blitz and play man coverage occasionally, but that really removes their deep "safety" coverage ability. The Broncos are forced to blitz too much to get pressure, leaving our safeties out of position and giving the impression that they are poor in coverage.

        So no, I don't think we need a safety at all.


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          yeah i think we do need some safety help. i mean i love lynch, but how much does he got left? 1 or 2 seasons right? so i think we should start looking at that


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            Tank sounds nice, but he isn't one of our needs right now. If we get a saftey, than I think that we should draft Dwyane Slay from Texas Tech.