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15th pick- possible holmes

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  • 15th pick- possible holmes

    can we possibly get sentenio holmes in the 15th pick?? if now who do u think???
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    Originally posted by deer_dance9
    can we possibly get sentenio holmes in the 15th pick?? if now who do u think???

    I hope not.

    There will be better value talent at that pick then Holmes.


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      SANtonio? Hellz no.


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        Ewww dirty! They could get him, but I friggin' hope they don't blow it on a WR.


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          No thanks. I don't get down with the Luckeyes.


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            forget holmes. lets take the best position player. some one like d'angelo williams or len dale white. hellz no do we take a wideout with the 15th pick.


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              The way things look imo is that there are better picks to be had than Holmes.
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                Hopefully we pick up Lendale White or a DE like Hali. That would be sweeeet!!!

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                  You guys do realize that WR is a major position of need, don't you? Not as much as RDE, but certainly more than RB.

                  When Rod Smith retires in a year or two, who are our top two receivers going to be? Ashley Lelie would be the #2, but then again, maybe he'll leave after 2007. Outside of Rod Smith, none of our receivers are under contract beyond 2007. We could have a dire crisis at receiver if we don't address it this offseason (I thought we were going to early in FA).

                  It's time we develop a replacement, and who would be better than the only really good receiver in this draft? Even I am in full support of taking Santonio Holmes, and I'm a defensive-minded guy.

                  Tamba Hali isn't that good. If this trade was made to acquire him, I'll be disappointed. I'd much rather have Kiwanuka at #22 than Hali at #15.

                  As for RB, chances are, the same ones that are available at #15 will still be around at pick #22 (I can't see the Pats passing on Lawson or Wimbley), so taking one at #15 is poor value. At the very least, I can just about guarantee Maroney will be right there waiting at #22. But I don't even support taking one in the first round because this draft has a lot of RB depth. Whether it's in the second round with Addai, Calhoun, or Drew, or later on with Moore, Hall, or Bell, I think the Broncos running game will be fine.
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