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  • Fan Mock Draft Discussion – Pick No. 6: 49ers

    The San Francisco 49ers are now on the clock with the sixth overall selection in the 2006 Fan Mock Draft.

    Discuss who you think they should pick and why here, and be sure to visit the Mock Draft page by noon Thurs., March 23, to make your selection.

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    i picked michael huff. . . they could certainly use davis or ngata, but secondary is an even more pressing need, they've got some gaping holes back there and really need an infusion of talent. . . huff also has the versatility to play corner or safety and excell at either position. . .

    i wish they would take jimmy williams out of the voting, he shouldn't be considered a top-ten prospect imo. . .
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      Haven't looked at it yet, but I bet Vernon Davis wins in a landslide...


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        The 49ers have alot of flexibility. They do have Eric johnson at TE who was injured last year, but the year before last he had a monster season. I still think Davis is their top choice, but they could go with Ngata or Huff/Williams.