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Another Browns Lineman!!!

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    This move is highly inconsequential if you ask me. Gordon is a low risk pickup, simply getting a shot to impress in camp. He was a one gap penetrating player in college, and at 6'2 305, he will get his chances inside at the under tackle position. We lack depth there, so he may stand a chance at being that fourth guy, behind Warren, Myers, and Veal.

    This should not effect the current situation at end, nor affect our chances of drafting a pass rusher, which still stand at 50/50 in my opinion.


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      yeah not a big deal......we can have as many people as we want on the team now cant we? then if he doesnt make it by the 1rst round of cuts its no big deal.

      Thank you for everything Darrent. I'll never forget #27.


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        Yea, I ain't too worried about this pick up,

        but God

        if we are going to continue to pick up Browns players, why don't they cut like, Winslow Jr., Braylon, or someone we know has talent?
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