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    Originally posted by jermaphobic
    only thing i'm worried about with the dayne/bell combination is how well can they protect jake in pass plays? no doubt, they'll excel in the run, but to me, the reason why Bell's YPC was so good was because he was called in games as a change of pace back. he's very good as our speed back, but beyond that, i'm not sure he can do what MA could do, and bruise between the tackles and protect the qb. that's why i think dayne should get the starting nod if we don't address the RB position in FA or the draft.
    You make a very good point. I totally forgot about pass protection
    However, (I may be making a fool of mself because I dont know) We dont rly know wether Ron Dayne is a good pass protector or not

    B-Marsh owning Al Harris(Aka: the supposed most physical corner in the league)

    Mock Draft:

    **If Ellis/Dorsey fall**

    1) Dorsey or Ellis(whoever falls)
    2) Devin Thomas
    4) Frank Okam
    4) Beau Bell

    **If Ellis/Dorsey dont fall**

    1) Desean Jackson
    2) Pat Sims or Trevor Laws(whoever falls)
    4) Frank Okam
    4) Beau Bell


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      Originally posted by broncs2bowl
      MA wasnt great but he was good. And Bell will not ride the bench. In 2-3 years he will be our premeire back and will be great.

      sorry to burst your bell being a 1500 yard back bubble but if shanny draft a rb in the first round this year. thats a sign that bell on his way out. if he can learn how how two follow his blocks and get the 3rd and short run maybe. ive been vary disappointed in bell ill stop raggin on him WHEN he shows somthing. for every 30 yard run he's got 5 rushes for negative yards. besides RB is the easyest transition from collage to pros. if he doesnt get this year he'll be gone