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    Originally posted by Momentum
    These picks are not part of my final mock. This is just my prediction of Shanahans draft.

    Now before I do this, I must say that Im putting my Shanny hat on. I'll try to draft from his eyes and tendencies over the years. Some of these picks, I may not agreee with personally. Some may anger you. But remember, this is with my Shanny hat on.

    Round 1

    (15) Winston Justice, OT USC.

    Why? It seems that Shanahan traded up with someone in mind that wouldnt last the 7 picks from 15-22. That man is supposedly Chad Jackson but I dont see it happening. Shanahan has a tendency to stop drafting a position high after he gets burned. (See: Lelie, Watts). This is a very talented tackle draft and after the AFC Championship replacing Foster wouldnt be a bad idea. After all Cornell Green a journeyman, already takes a lot of snaps away from Foster. Foster could move inside and would make a better guard. Dont be surprised if the Mastermind uses this pick on Justice or McNeil.

    (22) Marcedes Lewis, TE UCLA.

    Why?! I can hear the groans. Its clear this team needs another pass catcher. Not nessecarily reciever. Looking at the TE position you got a guy in NFLE right now trying to get up to speed, Alexander who is a great blocker, but drops the easy passes, a former WR that gets no PT, and a longsnapper. You know Marcedes will be the best pass catcher on the board at this point and an upgrade over what we curently have.

    Round 2

    (61) Brian Calhoun, RB Wisconsin.

    But we have Dayne and Bell! I expect Bell to be dealt next summer if he keeps criticizing Shanahan about his role on the team. Shanahan just doesnt play that. Dayne is a good complimentary back but of course RB's go down all the time. Tatum is no stranger to his fair share of injuries. So wearing the Shanny hat, I select the back that carried the rock more than anyone in college football and never missed a down. Not to mention he can catch and maneuver the screen play, something Portis couldnt even do coming out.

    Round 3

    (TBA) Troy Bergeron, WR Gerogia Force (AFL)

    Dont kill the messenger. Im wearing my Shanny hat, so you got to remember how Shanahan likes to reach in the 3rd round. To his credit, Bergeron is 5 inches taller than Jeremy Bloom (Bergeron's 6-2) and is actually in shape to contribute now if he panned out.
    You are a damned fool... Wow, let me look at it again... You're not a fool... You're just retarded


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      Originally posted by ReleaseTheBeast7
      We won't get two 3rd round picks for comps... MAYBE a 6th or 7th to go with a 3rd... That's a big maybe too
      In the denver post they are talking about getting at least a 3rd and a 4th, but are hoping for 2 thirds!


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        Originally posted by broncobuss
        In the denver post they are talking about getting at least a 3rd and a 4th, but are hoping for 2 thirds!
        Wow, wasn't aware of that... My fault


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          Originally posted by West
          Not it doesn't.

          We pick an OT in the 1st round when we're coming off resigning Lepsis and we have George Foster the most underrated OT in the NFL. BRILLIANT! I'm sure Merecedes Lewis is a 1st round pick with a 4.8-4.9 40 time and average catching ability. And it'd help if we HAD a 3rd round pick but we obviously don't.

          You really can hear the groans after that horrible 'Realistic' Broncos Mock.
          Your just a hater.


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            Originally posted by Momentum
            Your just a hater.
            No, he's just got more intelligence than you.


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              Originally posted by ReleaseTheBeast7
              You are a damned fool... Wow, let me look at it again... You're not a fool... You're just retarded
              These arent my personal picks, I was just trying to guess what Shanahan would do.

              But I guess some people on this board either cant read, or arent old enough yet to comprehend simple things.

              This will be my last look at this board until after the draft... just to see all the whining.


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                You know as much as I don't want to say it, that draft is actually a possibilty. Think how many times has Shanahan reached for a player?
                How many times has he gone and drafted the exact opposite of what everybody said we needed and wanted?
                I seem to remember everybody saying if Stephen Jackson fell to our pick we would have no choice but to draft him a while back. And he did and he we didn't draft him
                Kevin Jones was the pick everybody expected us to make that year and we didn't.
                Who really saw us drafting three corners last year?
                Now I don't want that draft to be accurate at all, but... You never know.


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                  Nope, i dont like it. Foster is to big, and not mobile enough to play guard. We could use upgrades at alot more spots then OT. DT would be much better. I would love to have a stud franchise running back too. I dont really want Lewis either. If i cant have Vernon Davis, i dont want a tight end in the first round.


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                    I actually like the Winston Justice pick; he is probably the best offensive lineman outside of D'Brick in the draft. He could replace Foster maybe. Everyone knows that good football teams start in the trenches, up front.


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                      Originally posted by ReleaseTheBeast7
                      Now you're going to hide in your hole because you've had the most idiotic picks ever?

                      Winston Justice will not be a Bronco
                      Marcedes might be, but certainly not in the first round
                      Calhoun wouldn't be a bad pick
                      Who is that third rounder???

                      Ummm... Guess again chump
                      How about quit with the name calling, ecb.

                      If you don't like his mock, state's rather easy.
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                        I just don't see us pickin up a TE w/ a 1st. (unless it would be v davis) There are too many left to be had in the 2nd and 3rd. Klopenstine (sp.) from right in the broncos own backyard could be a great pickup and wouldn't take a 1st.

                        I'd have to go:

                        1a. Allen,S from Tenn. Not as much hype as Huff b/c of injury but is shooting up the draft board b/c of his speed and he hits too.

                        1b. D. Williams,RB or Maroney,RB, would just like to have a RB to carry the load like Portis did and take some heat off of Jake. I know anyone can get 1000 yards in our Offense and they have and they've only been average at best, I love MA, and Bell, and rube but those guys aren't near the RB that these two are.

                        2. I think here we can still grab a quality DL, i'd take the best ava.

                        Comp. I hate to say it but don't be suprised if Shanny selects Vick here. I know he has some major prob. but he def. has the ability to be a very good QB and maybe in a structured place like denver he'd thrive.

                        This is just what i'd like, i don't mind too much if we grad a DE or DT early as long as we pick up quality players and no reaching esp. with our 1st rd'ers.


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                          I don't particularly like the picks, but I wouldn't be surprised in the least if they turned out that way. I think everyone's hopes and dreams of Shanny drafting D-line or RB in the 1st round are just that - hopes and dreams.


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                            I don't see how anyone can rip this mock after the way Shanahan has drafted the last 5 years.

                            Perhaps all the idiots who post things like "you're retarded" can point to the posts where they predicted Darrent Willaims, Darius Watts, Willie Middlebrooks or even D.J. Williams or George Foster? Hmmmmn?

                            It personally scares me to think that the Broncos might waste a 1st round pick on Winston Justice when the team needs a DT, DE, TE, WR and RB (in no particular order) much more than an OT where they just signed Matt Lepsis to a long-term contract. There are so many good players available at those positions, why take Justice (even assuming you don't believe he still has character issues from his former arrest)?

                            But, could Shanny do it? OF COURSE HE COULD!!!


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                              Shanahan will trade down from 15 or 22 I am not sure which. He will pick up Deangolo Williams if he is there at 15 if not he will probably trade it with the Colts.

                              We will take Jason Allen in the first for a couple of reasons. Would have been a top ten pick if healthy I.E. Foster Middlebrooks and others. Plus it is a position of need.

                              The Other first rounder will be more conventional my guess is TE Pope or DE Lawson.

                              Above I will list all my predictions for the 2005 season.