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  • Fan Mock Draft Discussion – Pick No. 9: Lions

    The Detroit Lions are now on the clock with the ninth overall selection in the 2006 Fan Mock Draft.

    Discuss who you think they should pick and why here, and be sure to visit the Mock Draft page by noon Tues., March 28, to make your selection.

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    What, no receiver?

    Well I think they should at least put a WR in there as an option, I mean it is Detroit we're talking about...

    I never really considered Cutler to Detroit, but it makes alot of sense out of the players to select from. I would be inclined to say Huff or Williams, but this franchise could use a future at QB... Toss up between any of those 3 guys.


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      I think Detroit should be content with two experienced QBs who have proven they can win in McCown and Kitna. They also have a developmental prospect, Jon Kitna, and do not need another one. Detroit needs help in their defensive backfield and should not pass up Michael Huff, the best DB in the draft and a steal at #9.
      A proponent of Denver drafting Cutler since 10/05.

      So naturally, my Adopt-A-Bronco is Jay Cutler!


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        I looked at the choices on the board and they are just plain silly. Everyone knows that they are going to draft Chad Jackson. They really really really really really need another first round wide reciever. Hopefully this would also mean that we ouldn't draft one in the first round.

        Forgot to put in my actual choice, I think they go with Jimmy Williams since he fills that hole in their defense. Who knows how many picks he can get off of green bay if Favre is back, or they are starting Rodgers.
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