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    I think...we should trade our 22nd pick and maybe Tater to move up and take Vernon Davis...I honestly think we could use him. and with the 15th pick get Maroney or White...that is...if we don't get Ricky Williams (if he doesnt get suspended)

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    I don't think that we have enough value in that trade according to the pick value chart.

    We would need more than a no. 22 and tatum and I'm not willing to give that up. We only have three first day pick(which is how much we should hav I know), but we have two picks in the top 22 and then we don't pick 'till 61! After that we don't pick 'till the next day.

    That's not good, we shoul either stay where we are at or try and trade for a lowwer pick to pick up some 3rd round picks or maybe a 2nd.
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      Personally, i would (at this point) like to see Denver trade the 22nd pick for a lower one.....say the 27th or 28th pick and a third rounder in this years draft or, trade it for a 2nd, and a 3rd in this years and a 1st or 2nd rounder next years draft so we can have more 1st day picks this year and get some depth! But thats just me.
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        I sounds like Shanahan might make a call to the Lions or Cardinals if Vernon Davis is still on the board at that point.

        But, it's far from assured he'd be able to swing a trade.

        People forget that the other team has to be willing to trade down as far as you want to move up!

        What for instance if the Jets didn't want anyone who'd be available at #15. Would they move down? The draft chart might say yes if they got equivalent value or a bit more, say the #15 pick and a 2nd round pick, plus a player or something, but that's in the abstract.

        In reality it totally depends on the players who are on the board at that point.


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          nope. we wouldnt get a DE, our biggest need.