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    Originally posted by dabreeze1984
    I was going to make my mock as goes the texans and jets trading picks, but then decided to go with it barring any trades so I was going to start over and put all the players back in their original spots but I got tired, so I made the title as "I messed up I will finish on thursday." So then I woke up ate a bagel had some juice, took a poop, watched some cold pizza then decided to change it before there was any confusion, but I guess some people dont read everything, and thats ok I understand its better to get to the meat of a subject than to read it all.
    The reason for confusion is that when you edit a title, the thread title doesn't change. So when you edited the title, the thread title didn't change so people coming in were thinking this is your complete first round. A lot of people don't read the titles of threadstarters because the title of the thread is usually the title of the post.


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      Some confusion that could have been avoided with a little observation, but i do understand, I just really dont understand how anyone thought that I would leave Bush out, I know he wasnt there but I would have started to look around for some clues as to why he wasnt. I mean come on some of my selections might be nuts but the Bushster was crazy this year