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  • Grambling State?

    Does anyone know the qbs name for Grambling and if so is he available in this years draft?

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    Steven McMullen


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      I made that name up BTW.


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        haha, thanks


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          Originally posted by dabreeze1984
          Does anyone know the qbs name for Grambling and if so is he available in this years draft?
          Yes Bruce Eugene is available in this years draft.
          6-0/260/ 40 Time: 5.12

          Has an arm


          Touch on Pass
          Slow 40 time

          Projected to be a Free Agent


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            Damn that is a slow time. I played DT in high school and ran it in 5.1 QB's should be a lot faster than that.
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            What will happen when he gets hit by the men in practice.

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              its because hes the only QB ever to throw a touchdown and then win a national hamburger eating contest in the same day

              Like the heeb prid btw dry


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                Bruce Eugene
                QB | (6'0", 260, 5.1) | GRAMBLING

                Scouts Grade: 30

                Strengths: Possesses excellent bulk and is tough to bring down. Shows good lateral mobility and does a nice job of buying time in the pocket. Shows good poise in the face of pressure, possesses a quick release and flashes the ability to beat pressure. Has a powerful arm, puts good zip on downfield passes and flashes the ability to fit the ball into tight spaces. Can be accurate when sets feet and flashes the ability to lead receivers. Plays with confidence, doesn't dwell on mistakes and is a leader on the field.

                Weaknesses: Doesn't have a great sense of timing and accuracy is inconsistent. Primarily lined up in shotgun at the collegiate level, doesn't show great footwork and needs to work on reading defenses while dropping back. Doesn't always look safeties off when throwing downfield and isn't a fundamentally sound pocket-passer at this point. Doesn't always take something off short-to-intermediate passes and need to work on touch. Playing weight can get too high and can wear down over the course of the game. Holds onto the ball too long at times, doesn't practice sound ball security and has had some fumbling problems. Lacks ideal explosiveness, doesn't have great top-end speed and isn't much of a threat as an open field runner. Tore anterior cruciate ligament in left knee during junior season and durability is a concern. Played at a small school and there are concerns about ability to produce working against a much higher level of competition.

                Overall: Grambling State red-shirted Eugene in 2000. He played in seven games during the 2001 season throwing for 693 yards, seven touchdowns and two interceptions while completing 50.5% of his passes. Eugene led the nation in total offense in 2002. He threw for 4,455 yards, 43 touchdowns and 16 interceptions while completing 49.5% of his passes. Eugene also rushed for 535 yards and nine touchdowns on 137 carries that year. He led the nation in total offense again in 2003. Eugene threw for 3,805 yards, 34 touchdowns and 13 interceptions while completing 54% of his passes. He also rushed for 412 yards and six touchdowns on 94 carries that year. Eugene sustained a season ending knee injury the first game of the 2004 season. He played in 11 games of the 2005 season throwing for 3.935 yards, 50 touchdowns and six interceptions while completing 55.3% of his passes. Eugene also rushed for 150 yards and three touchdowns on 75 carries. Eugene is a massive quarterback prospect with a strong arm. He shows good accuracy when he sets his feet. However, he will have to adjust to consistently lining up at center, which is a concern because he isn't tall enough to see the entire field from inside the pocket and he frequently holds onto the ball too long. The fact that he is so heavy and there are questions about his conditioning will also scare some teams away. Eugene projects as a rookie free agent.


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                  Originally posted by Dry Kill Logic
                  Damn that is a slow time. I played DT in high school and ran it in 5.1 QB's should be a lot faster than that.
                  The guy is huge. He weighs as much as Culpepper, but he's 4 inches shorter. Also, I'd have to guess that Eugene's got a higher body fat percentage as well; it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to make that observation.
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                    I've seen him play I wasn't all that impressed and he is way overweight.
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                    Thanks Snk16


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                      The guy chuncked 40 tds im impressed I think he would be worth looking at as undrafted
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