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Matt Leinhart or Vince Young?

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    I'll take the one that could get me the Super Bowl win.

    And that would be...................
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      Leinart think he's pretty cool just because her mother keep on telling him, well i guess i just think he's not. (just kiddin')

      No, but realy. I want to see what Leinart its able to do with the pressure of the NFL cornerbacks.

      In the other hand Yuong, has a lot of an athlet a winner n' a leader.

      My point with the pressure of the cornerbacks is this.
      Picture this out:
      You have two rookies leinart and young.
      20yrd in you own side.
      1:00 min in the clock
      Your team its loosing late in the last quarter by 4 points, you need a TD,
      They're going to be rushing the pass, and they are going to play the defence not the man.

      Whats more probbable?.

      That the runner QB keep the defence off balance, and keep the chains moving.
      Or the Accuarate QB just get intersepted?.

      which one you shoes?.


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        i would take leinart no question.

        Thanx reidman

        Jags 4 the superbowl


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          I went with Matt! I really hope he doesnt go straight into a starting position...i hope he has time to mature behind someone with NFL experience and in a few years time he will be MVP of the league IMO


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            Young vs Leinart

            Originally posted by Britrock
            Leinart has run an NFL offense, that's half the battle of being a pro won there.

            VY ran a very basic offense out of the gun, which won't stand a hope in hell in the NFL. He has to learn a LOT to get to NFL QB level. Yeah his arm's better than Vick's, but people get all caught up in the "athlete vs position" debate and forget the best QBs in the game todays are:

            Manning, Brady, Palmer, McNabb, Roethlisberger, Hasselbeck, Delhomme, Favre etc etc

            Anyone notice a pattern there? Pocket passers maybe? (McNabb doesn't scramble much anymore.) Mike Vick was going to revolutionise quarterbacking, and 5 years later he's moping around at mid-50% completion and the Falcons are at 8-8, nowhere near the SB (completely shut down in the NFC CG). Woo.
            First of all the only QBs deserving of praise are those who won Super Bowls...So, until Manning, McNabb, Hasselbeck, Delhomme and any one else have won a superbowl, they are not important.....None of these guys have a ring!!!!
            How can you compare these two guys and neither one of them have played one game in the NFL. If you are going to talk about who is better at QB then look at the facts.
            Young had a higher passer rating than Leinart.
            Young also took over for his team and got the win when needed most..and didn't do it by just running the ball. I believed he threw for 267 yards. Mind you he didn't throw a touchdown, Leinart himself only threw for one. So why is it that you would say that Leinart is so much better a QB. Don't get me wrong, I think Leinart is a good QB, but it just irritates me that people try to say Leinart is so much ready for the NFL and Young isn't.
            I believe if given the opportunity Young will step up and learn and improve his weaknesses.
            Only time will tell..... and one thing is for sure! Not only is Oakland interested in Young, but so is Kansas City if he is still around when they select.....I don't want Young in the same division with us...
            None of us are professionals and I respect everyones opinion, but lets try to keep it real..............


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              Leinhart...he is more in the vein of a traditional QB and with the success/complete failure of Micheal Vick he has a better shot of being a good pro.

              Besides mayhaps that throwing motion of Vince will get him porked
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                I think he will win more games in his career then Young.

                Good combination of talent and smarts.

                He will come along faster then Young also.


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                  Originally posted by jhns
                  Yeah, people told MV the same thing and guess what. He started throwing for 300+ from the pocket and losing games.

                  Vick could only wish he could throw 300+ from the pocket. Not in his lifetime.

                  Back to the topic. Give me ML all day over VY. Leinart is the classic pocket passer. Vince Young is a guy who im not impressed with at all. He wont be able to run, and dominate like he did in college because most defensive players in the NFL are as fast or faster than he is. He has a strong arm, so what. Because you can throw bombs and run fast does not make you a great football player. Ask Ryan Leaf, the guy had one of the best arms I have ever seen outside of Elway.

                  Vince Young is not a smart football player. The question was who is more NFL ready? Its lienart hands down. He reminds me alot of a guy named Tom Brady, who was labled as too slow, and who didnt have a strong arm coming out of college looks like he is doing pretty well to me. I think lienart is very comparable to Brady as far as style or play and poise. Vince Young seems like a poor mans Michael Vick/Kordell Stewart. A guy who is overrated and who can run fast so people think hes great. When in reality Vick(as Vince Young will be) is a mediocre QB.

                  Lienart, will be a great QB in the next level. Vince might be Kordell stewart at best(or poor mans Michael Vick). I think there is 2-3 Qbs in this draft who will be better pros than Vince Young. I actully hope the raiders take Young so we can watch the guy ruin there franchise even worse than Alice Davis is currently doing. Its going to be great trust me. Dont believe me? Book mark this thread and bring it back up in a couple years.

                  Travis Henry, single handedly taking the class out of our organization.

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                    Backed up Carson Palmer, winning QB, played in a NFL-type offense. Team player!

                    and GPA approved!
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                      Why is this thread stickied?


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                        Originally posted by The Dark Knight
                        Why is this thread stickied?
                        TDK: This thread took over Bush vs. White, so I thought it would make a good topic.

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                          Neither one. They can both go hang out with rickey williams and o. smith.
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                          Reggie Bush IR watch-( 5 mins into practice and he pulls up lame.)

                          What will happen when he gets hit by the men in practice.

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                            Originally posted by AsianOrange
                            TDK: This thread took over Bush vs. White, so I thought it would make a good topic.
                            Yet Young its winning.
                            Here we got another dude wich believes that knowing the past means knowing the future.
                            Leinart counts with Reggie Bush AND LanDale White as recivers and runners, thats A LOT of help don't you think?
                            Let me guess "of curse not Leinart its extremly good on his own, you're crazy"
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                              vince can make plays without good receivers. leinart cant. young is the next cunningham.


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                                Originally posted by broncos74310
                                vince can make plays without good receivers. leinart cant. young is the next cunningham.
                                You have no proof Leinart can't.

                                And if he ends up in Tennessee, he gets Drew Bennett and David Givens anyway.