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My Annual Big Offseason Post

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  • My Annual Big Offseason Post

    I'm good for about one of these every every season, whether it was my "Watts" or "Arizona Cardinal" support threads.

    This will go with who I think Denver would draft and who I would draft.

    My 2006 (DENVER) NFL DRAFT

    1st Round

    Pick No. 15

    This is an interesting pick, I see us trading it to move up or out of the first round completely with someone else. Shanahan drooled over Matt Jones last year, and the allure of Vernon Davis I can imagine strikes his eye. If we can't move up or trade out the pick here is an Offensive Player......the pick................

    WR Chad Jackson, Florida (And I'm not too thrilled)
    (MY CHOICE Manny Lawson...speed rush DE is what we need.)

    2nd Round

    Pick No. 37

    I guess this pick is the result of, what will be left until we pick again. It gives the Broncos a little more flexibility with their 61st and 68th pick, because they can see what everyone else is doing, before one position flys off the board. There is a number of Talented runningbacks available and I think we would grab one. I'm going to say Lendale White will not be available at this pick with Carolina and Pittsburgh sitting on late 1st rounders and both need a back. Maroney will go to the Colts.

    RB Joseph Addai, LSU

    (My Pick Joseph Addai LSU)

    Pick No 61

    Well another 2nd round pick and this one might be a bit of a reacher for a guy who may not have this 2nd round value, but other teams may be hot on as well.

    OT Eric Winston, Miami

    (My Pick Derek Hagan Arizona State)

    Pick No 68

    Last pick of the day and we need a FS....Roman Harper fits the Denver Mold
    FS, Roman Harper Alabama

    Round 4

    Pick No 119

    Day 2 starts and there will be plenty of good players available my feeling here is one TE will fall through the cracks.

    The Pick.....Joe Klopfenstein

    Pick No 126

    Darrent Williams is too valuable on defense to be our Kick returner...Let's go with the local guy....

    WR Jeremy Bloom

    Pick No 130

    Depth in the Linebacking Core is not one of our strengths and I think there is a real gem out there being overlooked, a little undersized, but definitely fits the denver mold for a speedy linebacker, plus being from Stanford Never hurts.

    LB Jon Alston Stanford

    Fifth Round

    Pick No 161

    We can address many things here and I think a QB would be a good fit to back up jake and give a little competition out there, it migh tbe considered a reach by all means, but I think this guy has what it takes to succeed at the next level

    QB Ingle Martin, Furman.

    6th round
    Pick No 198

    Last pick so there gonna be something available that intrigues Shanahan. Not sure what exactly that can be as late round picks are determined on best player available rather than need.

    The Pick......

    Marques Colston, Hofstra


    "....knee injuries did something opposing defenses could not. Stop Terrell Davis."

    "My Last game in a Cardinals uniform, I heard them say...."WE WANT JAKE.....WE WANT JAKE!!! and all the while I was thinking, "I want you too."- Jake Plummer

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    I like the Alston pick...


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      Very well thought out!

      That would be a pretty good draft for Denver.

      Mine would be different, but wouldn't mid the other:

      15) DeAngelo Williams RB, Memphis
      37) Tamba Hali DE, Penn State
      61) Demetrius Williams WR, Oregon
      68) Jeremy Bloom WR, Colorado
      119) David Pittman CB, Northwestern State
      126) Rob Simms OG, Ohio State
      130) Rashad Butler OT, Miami(FL)
      161) Tarvaris Jackson QB, Alabama State
      198) Lawrence Vickers FB, Colorado
      Darrent & Damien - Broncos 4ever

      "When you're not practicing, remember that someone somewhere is practicing, and when you meet him he will win" - Ed Macauley


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        Originally posted by Perry1977
        I like the Alston pick...
        Terna Nande!!!