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Should broncos draft a QB if Jay Cutler/ Vince Young fall into #15?

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    Originally posted by deezan777
    I agree with your points about Young's shortcomings. I see you have memorized all the talking points other actual analysts have created. All I know is what I see on the field and this kid is special. Might not make it in the NFL as a quaterback, I grant that, but not worth giving a look to? Shoot, all of these quys are toss ups. I'll take a toss up that dominated in college and see if the best QB coach in the game can help him a bit. Young improved alot last year throwing the ball. Again, I don't mind picking a SPECIAL talent, either Young or Lendale. So they have a few issues coming out of college. Who doesn't?

    I have seen alot of his game being from TEXAS he is good but he is not Bronco materiel and if he was it would take 3-5 year for him to master Mikey's complex playbook. VY pulled a lot of crap out of his back pocket and made plays last year against mostly not so stellar defenses.

    But what you do not understand the other teams needed someone special cause they got CRAP on their team. And they do not have to sell teh farm to get them DEN does. They are not gonna fall to 15 and if they do there is a reason for it. Just like browner form last year was supposed to be a 1st round CB was not drafted at all. If one of the wunder kids fall taht far trade down and get a couple more draft choices.

    If they blow a pick like that they simply come back next year cause they are still bad.

    If we sell the farm and give up a bunch of picks for one of them and they blow up it sinks the ship in DEEP water.

    The talking points are real or they would not be talked about.

    Some of Y'all think that VY did so much this past year, same goes for leinhart and bush sure they did but it was against college teams where there is NO consistency.

    BFD the vast majority of QB and RB's coming out of college are average in the pros. The failure rate is way over 50% for every Elway there a 2 dozen or more below average QB.

    If bush goes down with a knee in preseason, what happens to kuibak? He gets a pass till next year.

    Does the same thing ring true for Mikey?

    Most folks would be calling for his head if his drafting blunder fails, same thing applied to the Browncos from last year. If they don't step up this coming year the headhunters will be out in force, if he stand pat and does not get DE/DT/UT high in the draft.
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      Originally posted by deezan777
      What? Clemens or croyle couldn't carry Cutler's jock! And you might not like the way Vince Young passes all the time, but goodness gracious man, did you see the national championship game? That wasn't the St. Mary's sixth grade girls he was running around. I know the NFL is different, but can you imagine him running the bootleg or qb roll out play that denver runs every drive? I don't think that clemens or croyle would run it better. Do you?

      Shanahans offense isn't well-suited for the Wunderlich Challenged....
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        Originally posted by TXBroncosFan77
        Shanahans offense isn't well-suited for the Wunderlich Challenged....
        Best retort of the day points to you.


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          Put it this way....

          No way in hell a rookie WR comes in and breaks the starting line-up, although now with the Lelie rumors, he could possibly be a #3.

          A rookie RB isn't going to come in and do anything we can't already do, meaning they are also unlikely to win a starting role.

          Most believe these are the only two "positions of value" at #15.

          If one of these QB's falls to #15 it would make no less sense drafting one of them, than drafting either a WR (whom always seem to fail after being drafted by us, some sooner than later).

          Or a RB (a position we don't need superstarts to still be very effective, and spend 1st round money, when we can spend 3rd, 4th, 5th money on the same position and do just as well? )

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