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TE Analysis (with highlights) SOOO SEXY!

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  • TE Analysis (with highlights) SOOO SEXY!

    #1 : Vernon Davis : Shanahan probably fantasizes about this guy, but unfortunately with us trading our 22 away, he most likely won't be playing for us. He's fast, he's strong, he has a good work ethic and personality. He runs great routes from what I've seen, the only tick against him is his blocking ability. He's no Alexander, but for a team that needs to create mismatches in the O, he's their man. Personally, to me, he's almost too good to be true.

    Height: 6-3 3/4 Weight: 263 40-Time: 4.38

    #2 Marcedes Lewis : Some may argue he should be below Pope in this chart, but I say if you win the award for best TE in the country, that should mean something. I saw this guy play this year and was impressed, he has hops. He's lanky though, he's not as big as you would expect a TE to be, but with his frame I believe he could put on some weight. He's not as fast as Davis or Pope, but he has great hands and is a good teammate. He's a decent blocker from what I saw, he could seal in LB's for sweep plays.

    Height: 6-6 3/8 Weight: 261 40-Time: 4.84

    #3 Leonard Pope : Decent speed, great size for a TE. Has hops like nothing else. I saw him sky 2 CB's and a LB on a jump ball in the red zone. Very impressive, routes are crisp, blocking... well meh. He blocks not as well as Lewis from the clips I've seen. He has problems sealing in players on sweeps, misses a bit on blitzes. He's got better size then Lewis though, so maybe it can be taught. He knows how to use his body though, physical enough to be a scary prospect. I would love to snag this guy if we don't get Davis.
    Height: 6-7 3/4 Weight: 258 40-Time: 4.62

    #4: Joe Klopfenstein : Hometown favorite. Great hands, I've seen him make snags that Lelie would balk at making. Not afraid of traffic, gets lit up like Eddie Mac did, and walks away. Smart player, from scouting reports he has a tremendous work ethic. Is a bit lanky, but should be able to put on weight. Needs to learn how to run block though. And pass block too. He got beat by a CB twice in a game I was watching.
    Height: 6-5 3/4 Weight: 255 40-Time: 4.62

    Nerd's Sleeper pick : Tony Scheffler : I could not find any highlights of this guy, but from what I've read, he could be a great developmental prospect, especially with our TE coach and WR coach. He's big, he's got great hands and good speed, and does not shy away from going across the middle. With his speed, he would be able to stretch the D. He played baseball though, but with that out of the way, I think he would be able to add some bulk and focus on the game. Was productive, 9 TD's with an 11.8 yd avg his senior year. No fumbles either.
    Height: 6-5 3/8 Weight: 264 40-Time: 4.54

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    If anybody can find highlights of Tony Scheffler, that'd be much appreciated.


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      Any scouting requests?


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        Tony Scheffer Highlights


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          when I click on the klopfenstein vids, I get a story about an egyptian resort town