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  • Why do some teams...

    Have differnet number picks in later rounds in the first w/o trading around.

    example: in the first the cards have say pick 3, but in they have the 2nd pick in the 5th round... why?

    I have seen that before in the draft magz and have never thot to ask. So now I am
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    Good question JoRo, I've wondered about that myself but never thought to ask.

    Hopefully someone can enlighten us.


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      Here's the list of traded picks so far...

      Here's the full draft order...

      In response to your question, it's either a result of a trade or they are compensation picks (at the end of the round though).


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        acually I think it is because 2 teams have the same record and there draft position comes down to a coin flip. then who ever wins the flip in the 1st round, then the 2nd round would flip.
        ex. sf won the toss between the raiders this year and got the 6th pick and the raiders the 7th. and then in the 2nd round the raiders get the 6th and the 49ers get the 7th.


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          although looking at it I think that there are a few teams in that tie breaker, becuse if you look at the order in each round, like in the 2nd round the titans drop down quit a few places and all the teams like the jets 49ers raiders and maybe a couple others move up one spot and then in the 3rd the jets drop down below the titans and all the other teams move up. this continues thru out the draft.