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Grade the Broncos Draft, Day 1

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    Originally posted by PsychoChicken
    I'll give it an A, despite Scheffler.

    Cutler - I think you all know how I feel about him. I parallel him to Ben Roethlisberger, not Tommy Maddox.

    Walker - We've got ourselves an 80 catch, 1,000 yard, 10 TD receiver in his prime. This helps us next year and in the future.

    Scheffler - Shanahan basically admitted that he chose Scheffler because he ran 4.5 40. Dumb reason if you ask me.
    I don't know Psycho, Scheffler's got an impressive size/speed ratio. I'm trying to subscribe myself to the "If the collection of Shanahan, 'dinger, and Brewster sign off, then I'm good with it too" theory. From the looks of him, his bulk his fine for his role...he just needs to become stronger and a little more muscular. Hopefully Alexander has really beefed up for some extensive in-line blocking.

    Anyways, I also gave it an A. We really had no "practical" 1st round needs IMO, especially when you consider how the draft shook out (ie how far the receivers fell) and how our DE depth chart is relatively full (but still prime for a nice 2nd day selection). So, we got a potential franchise QB at a draft-slot we likely won't see for the forseeable future. We got a legit no. 1 receiver for a measly second round pick. Yes!!!


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      i give it a B
      lets go team


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        a 2 is when you build your team


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          i went with B, but feel more B+ ish.

          all three 'picks' (i just conisder javon a draft pick) made us a better team or filled a hole. cutler fills the back up qb void we had. walker obviously upgrades our recieving corp. and scheffler addresses a team need at TE. i do think we are a better team today than we were yesterday.

          i am disappointed that shanny didnt add a defensive tackle when he had the chance, but there are still options for the second day.
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