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Grade the Broncos Draft, Overall--Days 1 & 2

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  • Grade the Broncos Draft, Overall--Days 1 & 2

    Yesterday I asked you to grade the Broncos draft for day give the Broncos an overall grade for the draft!

    I've got to say A, we used all our picks wisely, and I like all the choices we made...we'll be set for the future at WR and TE and O-Line, and QB...

    The poll is expired.



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    Also, who do you think the best overall pick for our team was?



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      I give it a B. It would've been an A if they took Bloom over Hixon. Best overall player is Culter. Best player for draft value is Eslinger.


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        It would have been an A if we got Chad Jackson, Ko Simpson and not Javon Walker.

        But it was very good. I am very impressed with our FO.


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          I LOVE Dumerville and Brandon Marshall, I'm amazed that we got Cutler. I think overall we got an A, it's definitely an A if you include the trade for Walker.

          Can you say SB?
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            Solid B draft

            I give it a solid B. I really thought putting a DT like Babatunde or Wright (still available in the late 4th or 5th) next to Warren would've been great. My only objection is that we only spent one pick on D-line (our achilles heel) and two picks on O-line (a strength). I know depth on the O-line is important, but we could actually use a real starting DT to go alongside Warren.

            I also think that with Walker and Marshall, a third WR was not needed and he'll probably be no better than any of the other guys. I know nothing about Hixson and I'm assuming he's been taken as a returner.

            I wouldn't have minded seeing a back taken (Mike Bell) in the sixth round, either. It was surprising to me that we didn't draft one, especially with our backfield being the most questionable that I can remember it. Dayne, Bell, and Cobbs don't instill a ton of confidence in me, yet. Maybe Bell will go undrafted and we can snatch him up as a FA!?

            Overall, though I'm very pleased with this draft. Good job Shanny & Teddy!


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              I say B.

              the Hixon pick was absolutley horrible. I wish we took Mike Bell over him or Bloom


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                I give them an "A" easily. They actually surpassed my expectations going into this.

                And you also have to factor in....... we got Javon Walker



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                  Eh, C.

                  And that's only because I like Walker.


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                    This is the best draft Mike has had EVER!! you have to include Javon Walker in evaling this draft but with all things considered this draft was great!! I personally love the 2 O lineman at the end of the draft they are DENVER BRONCO linemen!! The wideouts we have on the roster better start working theirs asses off cuz its gonna be fun this training camp!!


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                      The only pick I see as questionable is the Domenik Hixon pick. But Hixon posseses great upside and raw talent.

                      I love the Cutler pick. I love the Scheffler pick. I REALLY LOVE the Marshall and Dumervil picks. I think the Kuper and Eslinger picks were SOLID value and addressed our future on the line.

                      And then there's Javon Walker...


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                        I give them an A we have a proven Pro Bowl receiver now and we have a QB that reminds me of Elway in regards to his college record (losing record) and his statisitcs. I am glad we drafted 2 WR and I love the Dumerville selection.
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                          It was a very strong B draft...

                          Besides Cutler (and Walker of course) that has a chance to become an absolute superstar, but all possesions were filled and mostly smart picks made. Pope should have been taken over Sheffler and Harris would have been a great pick to put next to Warren.

                          If you guys found a way to work in Harris for Dumervile or Greg Blue for Hixon i think you would have had an A draft
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                            I know I may proove to be wrong, and I hope I do, but I don't like this draft. I think we really had a chance to fill in some gaps on the defensive line, which we completely failed to do. With a good DT and a DE, our defense would have improved greatly, add a new safety and our defense is set for years.

                            I think our first 2 rounds should be spent plugging holes, not looking for players that are over a year away.

                            QB - Cutler will sit for a least a year. He may be a great player, but we won't know for a while and I don't think we had an immediate need. I do agree our backup situitation was shaky at best, but now I only see it as slightly improved.

                            RB - I think we are okay here and am okay that we didn't draft a back. Look for one as a FA after the draft.

                            WR - Javon will not be 100% this year. I have had an ACL reconstruction and although my knee is strong, it is a mental injury and takes a long time to build confidence. Who knows what baby TO will become and we probably could have had Hixon as a FA after the draft. Why didn't we come away with a crisp route runner with great hands like Mike Haas is a complete mystery to me.

                            TE - We just picked up a guy who plays like JEB, but doesn't understand our scheme, downgrade in my opinion.

                            OL - I like the picks here and hopefully they will work out for us in a few years.

                            DL - we really didn't address our need for a big strong DT to free up our DE.

                            LB - I think we were already set here

                            S - We missed a great opportunity to pick up some players to replace our aging guys. We actually could have drafted both Ko and Bing, which would have been a perfect tandem for years. Our how about slay in the later rounds? Another missed opportunity.

                            Like I said, we won't really know, but I am not happy with the draft as I don't think we are good enough on the defensive line to make it to the super bowl.


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                              why so few options? where is B+, A- etc?

                              solid draft for the most part. i gave it a B, which is down from my first day b+.

                              i like the eslinger pick up in rd 6. he just seems too perfect a fit here to pass up. probably didnt need him after the kuper pick (and the myers pick of last year), but our oline is our mvp. i think shanny just saw value he couldnt pass up.

                              3 recievers puzzles me a bit. i thought we would take this next season to take a look at terrel and watts. i guess we still might, and hixon may have been drafted as a special teamer more than a reciever, but 3 WRs and no DTs ? i imagine WR will be the most hotly debated position come camp this year.

                              dumervil might end up being a good pick up. but i dont see him ever being an every down DE. but he could turn into a solid situational pass rusher for us.

                              but i am dreadfully dissappointed that we didnt address the DT position. i would have been much happier with this draft if hixon or one of the 2 olineman had been a DT. i guess there is still ufa (or possibly even a trade), but....
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