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The 2005 draft looks even better now

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  • The 2005 draft looks even better now

    One thing we seem to have forgotten is the key to making the cool moves we've been able to make this year was LAST year's number 1. We almost made the SuperBowl with no first round draft pick. We still got 2 good corners and the jury is still out on how Cris Myers and Karl Paymah will develop. But the number one we got from Washington allowed us to maneuver this year like never before. Especially for a playoff team. Being able to jump up and take the next Franchise QB without mortaging the future with all your draft AND getting a probowl WR, and still filling several needs, OL depth, TE, WR and KR depth and even snagging a DE who many thought would go higher---yeh, we did well this year but it all started last year.
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    This is one of the best posts I have seen regarding the draft, and there have been a bunch.

    Check your CPs.



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      This is very true. Watch in the next 3-4 years and this draft manuvering will be used as a model for other franchises. ALA New England's FA moves a few years ago.

      Above I will list all my predictions for the 2005 season.