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Did we really get Mike Bell?

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    thats awesome didnt have to waste a draft pick on him and still got him!

    i wanted mike bell for awhile now but didnt think shanny way gonna pick him up.


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      Did we really get Mike Bell?

      yes sir. I just hope he can make the roster, b/c i dont think he will last on the ps.
      The battle btween the 3rd spot is gonna be more exciting than Dayne/ TBell.

      big ups to snk16.


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        check out the Rocky Moutain news fellas read it there
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          Bell coming home

          Mike Bell said he told some NFL teams he would rather go undrafted and be a Bronco than be selected by them.

          He got his wish.

          The tailback from Arizona - who lived in Denver until he was 11 and grew up idolizing John Elway - was one of six undrafted free agents Denver agreed to terms with Sunday.

          "This is a dream come true," Bell said. "I'm going to fight to make that team. That's my team."


          This is great news for our backfield.

          Tatum and Mike Bell. Whoa. For whom the bell tolls i say.


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            Originally posted by charcoal01
            i've been a u of a student for the four years that mike bell's been a player for our football team. i personally think mikes a great talent and never was given the opportunity to really showcase his skills.

            our team was absolutely aweful for the first two years he was with us and in his third year, it was the first year of our new coach, mike stoops. mikes done a great job turning the team around but our o-line hasnt been up to par for years.

            bell stuck around and went through the near mutiny by the team the first two years and stuck to his commitment. during his third year, he developed a bit of fumbilitus, which may have cost us a game or two. but he stuck with it and the problem seemed to dissapeer last year. so this shows that mikes not only a team sorta guy, but also has the ability to work on his problems and fix them.

            as far as the TD comparisons, their speed is similar and they'll both play through injuries. bell also didnt do as much in college as he could have because of the team upheaval and lack of a solid o-line. he runs tough, isnt afraid of contact, and can make a guy or two miss. with him behind our o-line, if he can control his fumbles, i think bell can be really great. if mike had a good o-line during his time here, i think he easily could have put up bush or white type of numbers, he just never got the chance to.
            Thanks for the insight, I did not know anything about him. However, I read his BIO in a draft rag and there were more negatives than positives about him, including "chronic fumbling problem" (thier words). You said that you felt he improved that part of his game last year. I hope you are right, because if he didn't, he won't be on the team long.

            Just wondering about this, that's all. Thanks again for the info.
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