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Lelie for Donte Stallworth?

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    Originally posted by BroncsOwnU
    No chance of getting Stallworth,

    But here is what I propose... Lelie wants to be #1? Ok, personally, I think that's career suicide. But ok.. Give it to him.

    :: Pauses for dramtic effect and to let all the uptight folks regain consciousness. ::

    No seriously, make him the #1 receiver. Give him the #1 spot going into camp, and when he fails miserably, whe he gets embarassed in preseason... Well at that time he already has reported, so if he leaves the team, he'll be in breach of contract. And since he's in the final year of his contract, unless he accepts his roll as the third receiver and does everything he can to perform at the highest level possible, he won't get the new contract he thinks he deserves... From anyone.

    So just give him what he wants... Give him the rope to hang himself.
    I would have to agree here. Let Lelie have what he wants and when he fails release him and let him try to find another team that would want someone who wants to be a #1, but hasn't proved it.
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