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    Originally posted by BroncoStampede
    I dont even think Culpepper is projected to be fully healthy by the opener is he?

    They just say day to day...but he himseld said he will be ready for Pittsburgh. I sure hope so.


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      Well, i guess you guys are right. If Marcus can even make the team they still need a decent backup QB and Vick probably aint it.

      Plus, can you imagine Vick in South Beach on saturday night before a game.


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        Originally posted by Elway=Goat
        Leinart was arguably the best "COLLEGE" QB. I could hear arguments, but I personally think Vince Young was a better college QB. Leinart is the better Pro prospect. Yes better than Cutler, Young, and anyother future career backup that was drafted later than these 3 guys.

        The Titans will be picking another QB, with a top 3 pick 4 years from now. Vince is a shotgun QB. The thing he did in college is look at 2 recivers if neither were open he would take off and run, which he wont be able to do in the NFL. For 1 because most defensive players are as fast as he is. AJ hawk(who is a damn good player and the only one I know barring injury will be a stud in this league) runs the same 40 as vince. You trying to tell me Vince is going to be able to escape and run all over people and dominate with his legs like he did in college? IMO if it wasnt for his National Championship game, performance against a bad defense. He would be being converted to a wide reciver. They have already said they are going to have to rework his entire game.

        Leinart has played in a pro style offense, he already has the poise of a pro. I have never seen a rookie come in and study to the kind of game film he does, and have the knowledge of the position that he does. He dosent have a strong arm, thats true. But neither did Tom Brady comming into the league. It can be worked on. Its kinda overrated anyways. Because Kyle Bowler probably has the stongest arm in the league and cant do anything with it.

        Cutler im uncertain of, but he could be good if we can keep players around him. He has all the skill but its hard to over look his career winning% of 244. You would think a college QB with that kind of talent could will his team of scrubs to alittle bit better of a winning%. I like the pick but im very uncertain about it.

        Marcus Vick...LOL. This guy was garbage against good teams. Hes too short, and he has the mental capacity of a mentally retarded 2 years old. That is all about him.
        You can't just put winning percent. If you do that is better in my opinion him coming from the worst team in the SEC. He also competed very closely with every team last year except LSU i think (don't hold me accountable).

        Leinart looked great. I go to USC games every once in a while. Also went to rose bowl down south.

        Leinart looked great don't get me wrong. He had the arguablly best line in NCAA (all schools). So some times a good QB can look great. He did not do to great when he was under pressure. When you look at leinart and the USC program compaired to Vandy it is like compairing apples to oranges going off winning percent.

        Leinart has couple surgeries getting hit very minimal. They will really have to protect the weak side when he is in pocket.

        To add, USC might have the most people go in the NFL draft. Also a huge amount of people came out of the school.

        Vandy... only Cutler got drafted.

        W/Cutler (whom I watched play on TV and Net) looked very good under a below avg line and team. Sometimes a player that looks good is great. He had maybe 3 seconds last time to get rid of ball (made up #). He made everything happen getting hit by DE's and DT's every other play.

        By the way Leinart had some of the top weapons in NCAA, Cutler won't be seeing any VANDY WR's coming out in this decade.

        Leinart throws very accurate and can throw off ballance and on back foot unlike leinart. Leinart needs to have feet set before he throws. When pressured Cutler can take a hit and move out of the pocket and leinart looks very sluggish as if he's running in the mud.

        Cutler is a lot strong and has a cannon for an arm unlike leinart.

        If you ask me who would be more succesfull in NFL, I would say Cutler.

        Cutler has a lot of less negatives. Cutlers negatives in college is really not knowing his own arm stregth at times.

        He had to Force every throw into double coverage and split defenders. Also need to run for first downs on a regular basis.

        Only time will tell who is better QB in NFL. Very debatable. When you look at team compaired to who they play Cutler has upper hand on that one.

        If you asked me if leinart was on vandy. I would say he would have not made it through season.


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          Originally posted by NBudris
          I have been having the hardest time reading some peoples opinions on her that havnt seen this guy (Jay "next favre" Cutler). I watch a lot of college football as well as NFL football.

          Leinart - I watched this guy play about 4 times going down south seeing my sister in Long Beach (live in san fran.). The system he played in was very similar to what you see in NFL (LA's Pro Team).

          The downside on Leinart not just because he had multi surgeries on shoulder BUT just does not have great arm stregth or very good mobility (thats why shanny was targeting Cutler secretly from day one). He seems to get tracked down if he does leave the pocket as if he is running in the mud.

          He does not look good when pressured (see notre Dame game). He has to reset his feet before he throws everytime.

          He played under the arguably the best offensive line in college football.

          Had big, sure-handed receivers and maybe the best backfield in all of football.

          I AM NOT SAYING LEINART IS NOT GOOD, just saying if you have the best talent around you it can make a GOOD QB look GREAT.

          Now with Cutler.

          He does not have much of a downside except YES, he had somthing like a 11-34 mark as a starter. THAT IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!! we are talking about Vanderbilt here. Maybe the worst teams in SEC. He might of had the absolute worst talent around him. He had and Avg. at best OL and got pounded every thow.

          Seriously I have seen him play on TV couple times he got pounded (I would be getting up looking like this ). He is one very tough dude that got right up every time looking like Dwayne Wade in that Basketball commercial.

          I know a lot of you guys don't like him for what ever reason.

          He reminds me of Favre w/a stronger arm. Yes, he has a stronger arm then Favre.

          He can bench twice his weight, throw off balance (does not have to have feet set), very athletic, competed CLOSELY W/ a tough SEC competition.

          Since he went to Vanderbilt he missed one game. Only one game. Do I remind you that he got pounded big time but nevery getting injured.

          He also showed great poise against Tenn. in that two minute drill to win the game last season. I think they were favored by maybe 30-40 LOL.

          A previous post I said probably same thing. I think also Vick has Potential to do big things. But does he have the work ethic? Would he be willing to play a different role? He is a better pocket passer then his brother in college but still not very accurate.

          Watch The tenn. Game or another from Cutler. Then compare Leinart. It will make you cringe your teeth how bad this team was. Also take a look how close he stay with teams... he acts like a coach in the pocket... his mentality. Can't remember a QB breaking a DE or DT tackle like him since Culpepper. Throw with so much finess since marino. Also with a cannon and durability like Favre.

          He is a beast then can bench more then a normal offense linemen and deffense linemen.

          He is also very accurate. It is very dabatable but if you asked my top QB's in draft. It goes

          Cutler-Clemons-Young (has a lot of potential, needs work)-Leinart-Croyle


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            Back on the subject w/Vick. He needs more playing time. I don't see him becoming a #2 QB any time soon. He is better off getting on a team going to europe next year or CFL or somthing.

            He needs ALOT more reps. Not to much college experience is hurting him.

            Against better schools really broke down and couldn't handle it.

            On the Fins roster unless he will particapate some where else I can't see him making it. I am sure they will get the Duck from lions some time in future for there #2


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              Originally posted by BroncoStampede
              Well, i guess you guys are right. If Marcus can even make the team they still need a decent backup QB and Vick probably aint it.

              Plus, can you imagine Vick in South Beach on saturday night before a game.

              Hide the guns and teenage girls!!!

              FINS....I'm don't even start!
              Ready for the friggen season already!


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                sounds like the fins are just giving him a shot becase saban owed beamer a favor or somthing... and reports said he will unlikly make the 53 roster spot and be worked out any deal