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    Originally posted by Perry1977
    Atcually, the RAF was severly outnumbered by the Luftwaffe one a plane-to-plane basis.

    But that's neither here nor there.
    That was why he made me chuckle
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    Maybe Slowick should pay attention


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      Originally posted by BroncoStampede
      He said we need alot of rookies that can step in and play now?

      I thought we had 3 holes to fill because of the cuts we made, TE (Putz) RB (Marine Mike) and D-Line (Pryce)

      We signed Lang who is basically the same exact player as Pryce, drafted a TE in the second, and added to our receivers.

      The only legitimate beef he could have had would be that we didnt draft a runningback but we signed Mike Bell yesterday who should provide nice depth for us.

      We used the draft to solidify our future with a franchise quarterback, and the pick ups of Eslinger and the other guy were key in the later rounds for the future of the offensive line.

      Todd Helmuck of said Eslinger was the BEST run blocker in the ENTIRE draft at any position on the offfensive line. Yet we get a D from Einstein.
      Care to elaborate on how Kenard Lang is the exact same player as Trevor Pryce?


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        Originally posted by deezan777
        Care to elaborate on how Kenard Lang is the exact same player as Trevor Pryce?
        Pryce was significantly overpaid and took the playing time of Ekuban who became a force in the second half of last season. Pryce did nothing after the KC game and it was clear Ekuban outplayed him. ( I have the tape of every game)

        Pryce was good for only 4 sacks last year and I think Lang will get 4 as a situational rusher.