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Cutler Video - FULL GAMES!!!!

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    I could not fast forward, I wanted to watch the end of Tenn. game again. When he came back to win the game


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      Those that watch the Vandy-Tennessee game play particular attention to the pass Cutler threw on the winning drive. He was smashed as he threw a 33 yard out pattern and hit the receiver right in the hands. It was an amazing pass, and I"ve seen those from Cutler many times.

      Cutler has been by far the most gritty Vanderbilt player I have ever witnessed. He never gave up.

      Earl Bennett #10 caught 79 passes for Vandy. A true freshman. If Vandy can find someone else to get the ball to him he will be a future All-American and another first round pick. However, that big "IF" of finding a QB that can take what Cutler took, and still hit his man is the question mark.

      Also pay particular attention to the winning TD huddle. Cutler has his team on the 6 yard line. His back is to the camera and the team facing the camera. He has the whole team laughing and jumping in that situation. It shows his leadership skills. Calm them down and make them easy before the big play.
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