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Who's the starting TE?

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  • Who's the starting TE?

    Who do you think starts at TE this year?
    Tony Scheffler
    Wesley Duke
    Stephen Alexander
    Nate Jackson
    Mike Leach

    The poll is expired.

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    I voted for Scheffler, because I think he is the most talented and they used a second round pick on him for a reason.


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      I would love it to be Scheffler. I'm pretty excited about this guy and can't wait to see what he can do, but I went with Alexander for now. I think his experience might see him start for a few games at least. Hopefully Scheffler will dislodge him very soon.


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        I vote for Scheffler because I think he is a better TE for us. He is the best at catching and when we need blocking we can put Alexander in. I think we give Duke the nod in the long run, but for now I think Scheffler is the best fit.
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          dwayne carswell


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            It will probly be like last year, Alexander will be the TE for running situations and tony in passing, and when its a 2 te set alexander will be number 1 and tony number 2.


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              As of right now its going to be Alexander because he's the most experienced TE we have and the most accomplished blocker. Sheffler may see time in passing situations but right now I don't look for him to be the starting TE because he needs work on his blocking from what I understand.
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                I went with Duke. We already know that he can catch, I think that being in NFLE will give him the work on blocking that he needed, and the general football experience. Then my bold prediction for next year is that Duke comes in to training camp and takes over the number one slot. Could be wrong, but it's a fun pick.


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                  I would love to see Scheffler win the job, but Alexander should start initially. Alexander used to put up good receiving #'s ... perhaps he will improve on his 2005 season since there are 3 inexperienced TE's behind him.
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                    i think it will be duke. he must have shown the coaches something last year to get the afccg start, and all reports i have read say he is blocking quite well in europe. if that carries over back on this side of the pond, duke will be our most complete TE on the roster. we'll see in camp.

                    i dont see a rookie getting the start. he might, but it would surprise me quite a bit.

                    if duke does win the starting spot, and shows his blocking is good, i think alexander might be on the bubble. it would be a bit of a surprise, but if alexander isnt the starter, i think it will come down to how much shanny likes nate jackson.
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                      i voted for you pipes-- i think you've got what it takes. . . . . .

                      seriously, i expect it to be duke if what we're hearing about his blocking is accurate-- i have little question that he's a better receiving option than alexander. . . scheffler's blocking is pretty suspect by all accounts, i can't see him getting much PT until he changes that-- putz was a veteran of our system with reliable hands and the ability to take big hits, and he couldn't get beyond a limited role because of his blocking. . . . if scheffler is exponentially better as a receiver than, maybe he can get away with it, but i doubt it. . . . we're still a running team first. . . . .
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                        Originally posted by Jaws
                        I would love it to be Scheffler. I'm pretty excited about this guy and can't wait to see what he can do, but I went with Alexander for now. I think his experience might see him start for a few games at least. Hopefully Scheffler will dislodge him very soon.

                        Alexander will be the starter for stability purposes IMO. But Scheffler and Duke should be make for some nice receiving threats...


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                          I picked Alexander, but not because Scheffler can't be.

                          SA gets it by default for now, but anything can happen between now and the start of the season.


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                            It's going to be Alexander for his experience and blocking. No one else has much of either yet. (Duke is reportedly blocking well in Europe, but Europe is not the NFL.) It may not stay that way as Scheffler gains more experience and blocking skills, but to pick anyone besides Alexander for early 2006 would be a pipe dream. Remember, this is a run first offense.

                            EDIT: I see I only duplicated what you said, Dogfish. Sorry . . .

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                              There will be good competition at the TE position. I believe Stephen begins the season as the starter due to experience blocking in the NFL. I also see Tony getting alot of reps and Shanny trying to get this young man ready to be the present (future) TE.
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