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Has this draft created false expectations?

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    Im glad Cutler will be sitting for a year or two, hell possible 3. Look at the number one qbs within the last 5 years. Most have sat the bench the first year or half, and the ones who have started....havent faired to well. Carr, Harrington, Couch, Brees, his first couple years, all were horrible their first years, although I dont really mind Carr. But look at the ones who sat, Eli for half a year (only because Kurt got hurt), Carson Palmer, Michael Vick. Only the great ones can come right in and become legends(Elway, Marino........Roesilburger is def approaching, not there yet, but I would love to see someone say he aint on pace.) After watching Cutler in the game videos that one of you posted up, he def has alot of upside, however, if we based qbs soley on their college days, I would take plummer over him.
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      Originally posted by armedequation
      judging from alot of posts i have seen on here, only the fans have false expectations. I hear alot of harping on BVP when he only has one season under his belt. Think of what would happen if we had drafted alex smith? Fans would want him tossed of the roster.

      So my question to everyone that thinks cutler should start this year is this:

      name a couple of qb's that have played in their first year that have done terrifically?

      i bet one of the first answers would be big ben. If this is the case I say false. His first year as starter was incredibly limited. 75% of the time he handed the ball to his running backs.

      Wrong, 61%

      I think that is the percentage that Madden was always raving about when the Steelers played
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        Originally posted by deezan777
        Dan Marino went to the Super Bowl his first year.
        Second year, but close enough.


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          Originally posted by Black00SS
          Second year, but close enough.
          No, it's NOT "close enough". Elway went to the SB in his 3rd year and plenty of other QBs have too.

          Second year? There have probably been any number of 2nd year QBs in the SB over the years.

          But first year ones? That's a different story!