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  • Look at this

    this has to be a joke

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    Originally posted by rockrules40
    What i dont see anything wrong....
    This is how the media is to the broncos.
    I dont care about the media.


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      Cuttler was a good pick up who knows when we will pick high enough to get a qtr back with his potetial again.


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        Don't listen to them.
        Just like we had a bad draft last year, right?
        Darrent & Damien - Broncos 4ever

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          Pompei's opinion has been posted and discussed several times on these boards, now.

          This is an old opinion, and Pompei has already recanted much of it, giving since a much higher mark to the Broncos.



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            i just cant believe this guy

            i just want to save this page to show it to him the next year, and the year after this one, and show him that he doesn't know the first thing about draft, and that he has no vision. He's not right on anything but the extremly obvious.

            Whats that about...? for example NO saints: They could have trade all their picks for 7th round next year of the Patriots. and still have an A+ by gettin Reggie Bush even though that was a matter of luck.

            He's just kissing the ass of the USC players. I JUST CANNOT BELIEVE, he put a low grade to every team that didnt took the cookieboy Matt Leinart thats bull****. And he sent to the last place to the texans just because they didnt took Reggie Bush, insted took the bigger and athletic player in the draft... that's bull**** too.

            Jay Cutler its the best QB in the Draft this year, he would have the must impresive numbers in colege football, if he would have recivers. havent anyone saw him throw off-balance and in motion he can throw accurate even runnig backwards, and with tremendus speed. even though i wouldnt say that every team pass on him its crazy.

            Obviously this guy doesnt understand the decisions, made on the draft. because he didnt study the prosses to make 'em. i think that the one of the smartest drafts belons to the Broncos, and Mike Mayock believes too, that's what he said.

            I just cant believe this guy.
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              Originally posted by rockrules40
              Wow well I don't care. The media bashes us all the time and look how we've turned up!
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                he said also the titans had a bad draft. if you get young and white somehow in the seond, your draft is already kickas.
                and, why do i keep hearing that we didnt get anyone who wont help now? scheffler could come in, dumervil,marshall, and hello, JAVON WALKER!!!