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Harrington and Maroney or Jay Cutler

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    Originally posted by Jaws
    QB Joey Harrington changed the course of the Broncos franchise when he refused their contract offer. That squashed the possibility of a deal between the Lions and Broncos, and the Broncos then traded up in the first round of the draft to select Jay Cutler. Had Harrington become a Bronco, the team would have stayed put and taken RB Laurence Maroney with the 15th pick in the first round. And Jake Plummer might be sleeping a lot better. . . . Inside Dish: A chain reaction in Denver

    You gotta be kiddin' me.

    We do not need lourence maroney.

    harrington stinks.

    Cutler > harrignton, in every possible aspect.

    Plummer is a very smart man, and everytime that anyone says that Jake Plummer its insecure about his leadership, its missrespecting him. I say, he's mature enough to deal with it. And all that sick rivality that you all love to talk about exist just in some fans minds.

    And you may havent thinked this way but... well... lets pretend that's what happend. we would be in the exactly same position but in the RB position... and tatum? and Ron Dane?... they would be sleeping as logs If we had drafted a RB in the first round, and all the fans would be happie about it... well at least i dont.

    thing's couldnt been better, even if we'd have desing em'.


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      Originally posted by DiehardinAlaska
      I think Harrington has some skills. And I watched quite a few duck games. But I'm not convinced he's got the physical or mental toughness to be a top flight NFL quarterback. I would have rather taken my chances with Croyle or someone else than signed Harrington.

      But the bottom line is I'll take Cutler anyday, even if Maroney was a nice fit for us. I think there are other RBs who can be succesful in our scheme. And we have 2 of the young ones already in camp; Bell and Cobbs. And next year with the 32nd pick we can pick up a future franchise running back if I'm wrong.
      No, you are completely right.

      Even if we can't get a franchise RB at #32, I'm sure there will be someone there of very good value who can help us out.
      Darrent & Damien - Broncos 4ever

      "When you're not practicing, remember that someone somewhere is practicing, and when you meet him he will win" - Ed Macauley