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    Originally posted by D.J.55
    i know what you mean. after we lost that game i didn't talk for a week. but this year i think we are bring it home
    I don't know aboput you, but it was embarrasing walking into school the next day. Getting embarrassed like that isn't much fun and your friends enjoy that day. I had it pretty bad because one of my best friends is a HUGE Steelers fan and so is the rest of the family. He flat out loves the Black and Gold. His dad thankfully told him not to rub it into me and he was a nice friend and didn't. On top of that he is a HUGE Penn State fan too and my beloved Bucks lost to him too. What a horrible stretch that was.

    This year's looking better though!
    Darrent & Damien - Broncos 4ever

    "When you're not practicing, remember that someone somewhere is practicing, and when you meet him he will win" - Ed Macauley