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    A lot of good points...Mostly.

    When one of your S's is tied for most sacks, you've got serious problems. A good DE is the key to another SB I think! However, as someone stated up top, it could be a coaching issue and/or scheme problem. I had a lot of confidence in our D line last year and it didn't do much at all but force our D vets to say rediculous remarks such as, "they don't get a lot of sacks but they put a ton of pressure on the QB". If we had more pressure form our line and not have to blitz w/ our secodary, i don't think we would have lost games like NYG and Pitt. And now TP is gone and we're left with no sacking run stoppers. We have one of the best LB corps in the league, we don't need run stoppers, we need sackers.