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Do you want to the Broncos to make the playoffs?

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  • Originally posted by BroncoKazuki
    Well this questing is really old, this came off of what we didnt know what Cutler was gonna do. Re ask that question and I bet almost all of them except patscroweater will want us to make the playoffs.
    I guess they are fair weather fans then huh


    • Yes we want to make the playoffs.

      Good experiance for Cutler, brandon, tony etc.


      • Who doesn't want to see them make the playoffs?! That's a teams goal every year! The fact that we need to beat San Fran to get in makes me pretty confident we'll make the playoffs anyway so this question is kinda useless anyway. Plus I want to see how Cutler can handle the playoffs.

        Go BRONCS!
        What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger


        • if our team is good enough to get in the playoffs. I beleve we can compete in it. We have a pretty good chance. I mean we might just get by. but we can do it. You know there are always big time screw ups in the playoffs. soo they may help us. an I dont think we have to worry about indy maken it any where b/c they always seem to choke when they do make the play offs.