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Who should with the superbowl?

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  • Who should with the superbowl?

    I think Indy should. Peyton is great he deserves it.
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    i'm going for indy too. why not. but i could really care less.


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      No Way, I hate Indy, and Manning!!!! I can't root for a team that has our number, just can't do it! To me that's like Cowboys fans rooting for the 49ers to win back in the day. I don't mind the Patriots, but I also don't mind an NFC team, particularly the Saints.


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        i think indy will loose to ravens...

        to me indy is like chiefs...

        once they play on the road...their team becomes average.
        their defense will become worst..

        i think Jamal lewis will have around 150 yards...


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          I also can't stand Baltimore/Ray Lewis, "God's linebacker" , what a joke.


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            Originally posted by Balanced_Bronco
            I also can't stand Baltimore/Ray Lewis, "God's linebacker" , what a joke.
            better than Gods team. the NE Patriots.

            I say SD as they have the clasiest RB in LT and have not won since the old AFL days
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              New England beats San Dog

              Ravens beat Indy

              Seattle beats Chi

              New O beats Philly

              Ravens Beat New E

              New O beats Seattle

              Super Bowl XXXVIII Ravens vs New O

              Ravens 31
              New O 12


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                I personnaly would like to see Indy win it so that year when we beet them in the regular seaosn and then once again in the playoffs we can say we dethroned the champs 2 out of the last 3 years
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                  It would offend me less if NO won. I especially don't want SD or Indy to win, in that order.

                  There are two kinds of teams in the AFCW; The losers and the Broncos!!!

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                    Who should with the superbowl?
                    i think you should ask peter brady (or was it cindy) to help you with your ssss's

                    im going for NO -- give the locals something ta cheer for.
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                      Anybody but Philly. The refs tried to leave them in the game vs Giants with all of those holding calls. Weak.

                      I would like to see the Ravens win. McNair was only 2 yards away from a Superbowl victory vs the Rams back in 2001 (i think).


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                        Chicago over New England 46-10
                        (wait, only if Grossman isn't playing)

                        Really though....i'm pulling for New Orleans


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                          I think the Super Bowl will be Ravens vs Philly.
                          With the Ravens winning 23-16.
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                            I just cant pick against Brady and the Pats in the playoffs. That team can morph into whatever type of offense or defense needed to win any game. Ill tell you this NE 3-4 is far superior to San deigo's. Say what you want about merriman but if the pats jusmp on them and force rivers into winning the game its in the bag.

                            I would love to see the saints make it. It would be great for that city and all the hard nosed guys on that team. I really think it would be neat, if my former prediction turns out wrong, if the chargers and saints made the super bowl. Good stories on both sides and drew brees can show off why he is so damn good. I think the chargers made the right choice for thier team but damn if new orleans didnt make out in that deal.


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                              How can you root for Indy, I'm goin for the Chargers LT deserves it.
                              Thank You Darrent RIP