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Who should with the superbowl?

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    Anyone but SD. Man I hate SD fans!!!


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      Originally posted by **OrangeTerp**
      McNair was only 2 yards away from a Superbowl victory vs the Rams back in 2001 (i think).
      That's what almost everybody says, and everyone who says this is wrong. The truth is that McNair was only 2 yards away from a tying score, which would have most likely put the game into OT.

      My boss is a Rams fan, so we hear this correction whenever that SB is discussed.


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        Originally posted by Dianna Webb
        I think Indy should. Peyton is great he deserves it.
        With the question who "should" win the SB....I think "on paper" right now it's the Bolts. But I can't see our little buddy Marty Shottenheimer EVER touching the Lombardi!

        That also goes for the 2nd coming of Dan Marino...Peyton Manning!

        Now the answer on who "will" win the SB. I don't think you can count out Brady/Belichik... even with a pop warner type set of WR's.

        Pats - 31
        Seahawks - 23
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          hate the Colts
          hate the Chargers (and i dont give a damn about LT or Schottenheimer)
          hate the Patriots

          dont have a problem with the Ravens and itd be cool to see TPryce and Mike Anderson get a ring

          now for the NFC

          Philly dont bother me but i dont want them to win cause a teacher of mine will gloat FORever
          dont really like the Bears but Devin Hester should get a ring (with the Broncos though)

          id kind of like to see the Seahawks win. but i think the Saints deserve it
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            The Colts, Bears, or Chargers should win the SB.
            The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

            The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?


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              Chargers should and if not then the Saints. This is who I HOPE Wins.

              If not SD most likely the Ravens, Pats or Colts. Most likely to happen
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                Anyone but San Diego. Their fair weather fans are even worse than New England's or Pittsburgh's. If the question is who should win the Super Bowl, then it's the Saints.

                Too soon, D-Will, too soon.


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                  Chargers........ they are the best.
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                    While I hate The Ravens and Eagles. It would be great for either Steve or Jeff to win the superbowl.
                    Wow, manning has us soaring to new heights.


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                      I hope it's New Orleans.

                      That being said, I wouldn't be mad if it was the Colts, Chargers, or Bears.
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                        Who should with the superbowl?

                        i just dont know how to answer this question?

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