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Colts, Chargers, or Patriots - Which would you rather have win the superbowl?

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  • Colts, Chargers, or Patriots - Which would you rather have win the superbowl?

    Today is the big showdown between SD and NE. Knowing that Baltimore lost against Indianapolis, who would you want to win the Pats/Bolts game? Considering that Peyton Manning has owned the Patriots the last two times that they've played, he will most likely beat them again in the AFC championship and move onto the superbowl. No one in their right mind would want that to happen, besides Colts fans obviously. And, if the Patriots do somehow win in the AFC championship, then they would go onto win another superbowl and be dubbed the "best team ever", and Tom Brady would be cemented as the "best quarterback" in the history of the NFL. Since I don't see any NFC team beating the remaining AFC teams in the superbowl, I didn't leave that as a possible answer in the poll. I know that the Broncos and the Chargers are division rivals but would you rather have us win the superbowl or would you rather have Peyton or Brady win? We would never live it down if either Brady or Manning won the superbowl this year, but that's just my opinion.

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    wow dead even
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      Originally posted by qnpd
      wow dead even
      LOL, I wonder who you voted for?
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        The thought of Manning winning it makes me ill, and the thought of the Patriots winning another one by a FG to only be dubbed a dynasty is pretty nauseating as well. So, by default, I'll go with the Chargers, but I won't be dancing a jig if they win it. I'm rooting for the Saints right now honestly, as they're the only team for whom I would actually smile if they won it all. By the way, I wouldn't write off the NFC altogether. People did that to us before we were the first AFC team to win it in over a decade. You never know...
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          Hate em all!

          Hate the chargers the least BY FAR though...I can not STAND Manning and Brady.


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            i'd rather have the colts win out of those choices, but i want an nfc team to win this year


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              Thats why the saints must win it.

              Hate the chargers, if they cant get it done this is their final year to do so.

              Hate the Brady bunch just cause.

              Really Dislike Manning and if he cant get one this year he will never.

              So for me its the Saints to win this year.
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                I hate all 3 but the Chargers are the lessest of 3 evils. (I think I just made a new word! )


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                  Colts. I'd like to see Peyton play in a SB.

                  If not Colts, then Pats.

                  If not Pats, Saints.
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                    Originally posted by buckland
                    Colts. I'd like to see Peyton play in a SB.

                    If not Colts, then Pats.

                    If not Pats, Saints.
                    Yeah, that is quite what I'm thinking as well.


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                      The Broncos.

                      But really know of them.

                      Don't like the Colts cause we keep losing to them
                      Don't like the Chargers cause they are rivals
                      Don't like the Patriots because I'm just sick of hearing their name

                      If I had to pick I would say the Colts because they been waiting a long time to make the SB.

                      The teams I think that WILL be in the superbowl is the Chargers and Saints. And because of Marty ball I 'd have to say the Saints win.
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                        I guess the Patriots, but think the Broncos could have done some damage.


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                          After Baltimore lost, I jumped on to the Saints/NFC train


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                            in that order


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                              of the teams still in it

                              my saints

                              then bears,

                              but fot the original question, well...

                              i hate the pats!!!

                              i dont like the colts at all.

                              and as much as i dont like sd, i really have nothing against them, just that they are our d-rival, so go bolts, and show those teams how the west is done
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