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    Originally posted by BroncoManiac_69

    For the San Diego fans to come here and complain on our boards, like I already said, is ridiculous.

    Take it elsewhere.

    We have our own sorrows and don't need Bolt fans whining about their loss on our boards.

    If they want to discuss the game fine but I for one will not let these SD fans come here and make us feel sorry for them.

    I am not done with you yet.

    We Bronco fans are still mourning our loss to the 49ers that put us out of the playoffs. Then we had to endure the DWill tragedy.

    So Take your whiney ass to the Bolt boards and complain there. Not here.

    CYA next year Bolts.
    I by no means am here to whine. I am not here to complain either. Why in the hell would I need you to feel sorry for us!?!? I simply responded to a thread posted by your fellow Bronco Fan. I am here to discuss what happen after the game and defend LT's reaction.

    Don't get your panties in a bunch because the word "Chargers" appears in my screen name. You need to grow up and stop looking for someone to attack because your Broncos had a poor season.
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      Originally posted by AznBroncoFan
      LT gets a pass. And yes belichik has shown signs of arrogance and no-class(the faulty handshake, shoving cameraman, fake hug). Besides they celebrated like they haven't won before. They know they were lucky and caught the biggest breaks to win that game. As much as I hated the Colts, I sure as hell would hate it more to see the patsies win another SB. So go Colts!
      1. Faulty Handshake - no excuse..idk..dissapointed in loss?

      2. Shoving Cameraman - he apologized and said there were so many peopke and he was just trying to get through

      3. Fake Hug - no idea how u can call it "fake"

      someone posted what they said to us last year..coaches were taunting us..the pep rally..Merriman talking all week about smacking Brady around. Patriots won..and celebrated..everyone celebrates when they win. Maybe our players overydid it but Hobbs said it was emotions and some others said some of it came from last year. Colvin said they taunted us the whole time.

      If you dont want people to dance on your field..then dont lose control of the game and lose

      i gurantee had nothing happened last year and had Merriman not said a word this week that non of that would of happened. and to blame BB? Bill doesnt condone those things..and Warren said it on Sirius.

      on side note..celebrations were loud in halls on way back to lockerroom and i thought i would share it because Troy seemed to have a lot of fun

      enjoy. and LT..i loved u man but you went down a notch in my book aswell as the rest of the Chargers. he kept going @ it today and im fine if u say we overdid it and it wasnt classy but when u bring coach in the conversation..stupid


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        Originally posted by MNSuperChargers
        I by no means am here to whine. I am not here to complain either.
        That is exactly how you came across. Whining complainer. If you were "responding" to another poster, then reply in that thread. No, you create a new thread.

        I was not attacking you because the Broncos had a poor season. Their season was just fine and if you read around these boards you would find that some of us weren't sure if we would make the playoffs or even wanted to. You are dillusional.

        And my panties are just fine thank you.
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          LT is a crybaby


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            nobody said this about Merriman after he sent that stupid basket to Jason Taylor...........