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Chargers: One and Done

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  • Chargers: One and Done

    So much for a 14-2 season record. 24-21 Patroits. Brady has 3 passes picked.Marlon McCree tries to return a fourth down "pic" for a TD but has the ball knocked lose and Pats recover. Coach Marty Schottenheimer challenges the play when stadium replay show ball was indeed fumbled. One time out gone. Next Charger drive, Marty calls a time out after the players were standing around after a play. Time Out number 2 gone . 54 yard field goal with about 18 seconds remaing. Not even close and wide right.
    Same old story for Marty(5-13 playoff record.
    Did the Chargers' mess ups surprise anyone? Not me. I felt the Patroits would win but I hoped the Chargers would win, like i hoped that red head cheerleader would come up to my seat and sit down next to me. (OK maybe a Charger win would have been more realistic.)
    I would like to know the feeling around Broncoland concerning this latest loss by the Chargers. Should Marty be fired?(Talk in SD before the game if the Chargers lose, Marty is gone.)
    It is proven fact, Marty can get a team into the playoffs, even have a good win-lose record in the regular season but come play off time--well, it's the same old song.
    Schottenheimer is not the coach to get a team to the Super Bowl, that question has already been answered. Yea, some things are behond a coaches control but burning two time outs in the 4th quarter is bad clock management.
    Would Shannonhan make those calls? Would Belicheck?
    Experience may have won the AFC Division game but Schottenheimer could have used the clock better.
    Should Marty be pink slipped? Not this time. Reason: he has a contract for 2007 and one never knows he just could go 14-2 or 13-3 or even 2-14 next season.(If he goes 2-14 he won't survrive the season.)
    He has to be paid one way or not so let him have the last year then talk extension-if one is deserved. We know he won't go to the Super Bowl, but why pay two coaches to coach?
    What is the thinking in Denver?
    "But that's just my opinion. "Of course I could be wrong".

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    I think you know the answer
    having a RB who gets 6 yards per carry, mvp of the season and not using him properly is unforgivable


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      Goes to show Shottenheimer does not have what it takes to win the big game. He played conservative and the Pats attacked. No wonder Marty can't make it to the big game.
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        But for some reason, some bronco fans STILL love him, and think he's a shoo-in for the HoF.....

        ...hey...I guess if Marino can get in with no ring, Marty can......
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