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  • Rex Grossman

    Now that Rex has guided the Bears to the Super Bowl, will their fans-using that term loosely, get off of his case.

    Its not like Chicago is frieking qb heaven....they've had crappy quarterbacks since-oh forever...and yes Jim McMahon sucked too!

    '85 Bears defense + Walter Payton = Super Bowl victory, even if I was the quarterback.

    Erik Kramer was their last somewhat decent quarterback.

    Bears fans beyotch about Rex, but look at their alternative...Brian Griese....a shiver just went up my back.

    Props to Rex for shrugging off the dumba$$ Bears fans who were booing him, even today, and getting his team to the SB!!!

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    Yeah, I was rooting for the Saints, but I wanted Grossman to have a good game, just to shut his detractors up. Lots of people were waiting for him to fail. He made some errors, but when he needed to step up, he did. I hope he steps up in the SB, even though I'm rooting for the Colts.


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      I'm sorry but when you have a sketchy quarterback like Grossman, anything can me hes another Plummer in the making