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Offical Super Bowl Xli Bet Thread (Merged)

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  • Offical Super Bowl Xli Bet Thread (Merged)

    This is like the other bet threads you are betting a CP

    As much as I hate to say it I will take the Colts

    Hey it is a small price to pay if they lose like I hope they will, and if they win atleast some good will come of it

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    I like the Colts this year as well. The offense has proven that they can compete against the best defenses in the league, and the defense has really stepped up of late (sans their appearance against NE, which the offense overcame). The Bears offense is one dimensional, and the Colts should be able to step up and put a stop to the run. The Bears are a good running team, but the Colts will be able to force the issue and put the Bears in the hole early, and Rex just doesn't have the tools to dig the Bears out.

    Don't get me wrong - Clark, Muhammed and Berrian are all good targets for Grossman - it's just that Grossman won't get the time he needs to go through his progressions and make smart decisions.

    Look for a few interceptions by the Colts. Bob Sanders makes everyone around him better.

    That being said, I will be rooting for the Colts. I like the Bears, but I've got a couple friends from Chicago that I'd like to shut up. Monsters of the Midway, my ass. The NFC is still inferior.
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      My bet is that a classic football team will win.

      A team that has been around a long time and has changed their name on numerous occasions.

      That's who I hope wins!

      (For those that are unaware, the Colts used to be the NFL's Dallas Texans; not to be confused with the AFL Dallas Texans that became the Chiefs; also, the Bears used to be the Decatur Staleys)
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        Going for the Colts as well on this one. I would like to see Manning and Dungy win this.


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          go colts
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            I do not care that the Colts are favored by 7-9 points.

            Bears are going to win this.

            Also I HATE the Colts


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              colts will shine in this one. i dont really like the colts but they will prove too much for the bears d. the bears o wont do much against the colts d. i expect this to be over by halftime and the commercials to be the only good thing about this sb.

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                I'm going with the Colts too. This season is scarily similar to our 1997 Super Bowl Season.
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                  Defense wins championships, will Grossman throw this one away? Everyones been waiting for him to blow it. His rating (which means jack to me) was sub-par during the regular season, if it wasnt for the running game theyd have no offense. This being said Im still taking the Bears. Are we betting cps on this?


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                    Somehow it would be cool if the Bears can make it, but I like to see Manning win this game. Don't think the Bears have a good chance in this game, but it's the SuperBowl. Who knows.


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                      Colts but you might want a poll....
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                        I think that they are the better team.


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                          Bears all the way

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                            A friend of mine is a Bears fan, so I have to root against him. Go Colts.


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                              Are you making this a poll or what? I'll go with the Colts.