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  • superbowl

    who will win the superbowl indy or chicago i live in illinois and everybody here is going crazy and i hate da bears so go indy
    white sox are done, broncos looking strong, lakers gonna win it all again.

    Originally posted by raylewis52
    you guys are the saddest team in nfl right now! 8-8 will win the west,.thats just a joke. there will be 6-8 teams sitting home with better records,
    smart fans, eh?

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    I'm a chiefs fan first, and then will cheer for the pats, so go bears!!


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      who knows who will win but I would love to see the Colts win!!!
      Tony G

      The Chefs


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        Originally posted by KCLadyFan
        who knows who will win but I would love to see the Colts win!!!
        I agree. Tony Dungy deserves it more than anyone, considering what's he's gone through as a human being.
        Rest in Peace, Darrent and Damien. You will be forever in our thoughts


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          I'm just hoping for a good game and I'm thinking it's going to deliver. Two great coaches who both deserve to win.

          Peyton is whiney at times but there's no denying he's got some mad skills. It would be nice for him to shed the Marino comparisons if he wins it all.
          The new website is about as ugly as Paris Hilton. Put the blue back!