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    Originally posted by The Dyna$ty
    ^ Your trippin if you seriously think Mike Anderson has a chance to start in BMore

    I agree with everything except Colts, I think Addai wins the starting job just because he is a better blocker than rhodes and they focus on keeping manning up more than anything

    Titans will still be Chris Brown, if he doesn't get traded if he does get traded I think White will carry the rock.

    Steelers I have hard time seeing them start a guy who put the ball on the ground so much last year, but they don't really got no one else so they gotta settle for that so yeah I guess ill say Parker too.

    and for the saints its gonna be the tandum with bush of course
    I've seen several ESPN and sports shows where they say Dominic Rhodes and Joseph Addai will split carries until Addai gets more in tuned with the system, then they will probably give it to Addai.

    Chris Brown would get good value in some marketss and since he wants out, and the Titans have Henry and Lendale, it'd be in their best interests to trade him so he doesn't cause a head ache. They are rebuilding and the last thing they need is some runningback complaining about money or position or whatever he doesn't like.


    Oh and with Bush, the Saints need help in receiving and in running. McCallister will get the majority of the carries, with Bush spelling him occasionally and using a lot of his Faulkesqe receiving ability to help the struggling receiving corp.
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      Craig Tapper, of, reports Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher said RB Chris Brown is the team's starting running back and that he believes Brown's trade request may stem from a switch of agents. "I have not spoken with Chris," said Fisher. "That does not surprise me and that should be an indication of where Chris is (in this process). I could understand Chris wanting an extension. Chris wants to be here. So, him asking for a trade does not imply that he doesn't want to be here. Chris changed agents and new agents came in and they had a sit-down meeting and they want to talk extension. Right now is not necessarily the time to talk extension because we're busy with other contracts. They took it upon themselves to demand a trade and went public with it, so to me, I'm going to throw this in the agents' laps and not Chris'."