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  • Autograph Policy

    Anybody know the autograph policy?

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    Theres a policy?

    I just straight up to a player and asked when he was signing other peoples autographs.


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      Don't be shy.. I'll sign your stuff. Just be sure I'm done with my meals first.


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        I'm not as nice as Ravage...

        For a Buff_bronc_fan autographed portrait, I charge $9.99-- But you'll have to see my publicist for ordering information.


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          Originally posted by jmiscavish
          Anybody know the autograph policy?
          Actually there is an autograph policy...

          In each training camp there is an autograph line. The problem is the autograph line gets filled up very quickly and by the middle of a training camp session there is over 30 people in line. The problem is they only take 55-75 people, sometimes less.

          The key is to have two of your group start off in the autograph line and then rotate every thirty to 45 minutes, that way all of you get to see some of the pracitice and you have taken your turn at standing in the autograph line, so no one thinks you are cutting.

          If you are not in the autograph line early you will not get the autographs of the players signing behind the Broncos Store. Cutting in line is not permissable.

          Autographs are hard to come by these days. I heard that Shanahan does not like the players to sign when they first come out of the weight room or doors. Very few players will sign after practice.

          The best place to really get autographs is Fan Fair. Any Bronco Bingo game, Rookie Session, Defensive End session, etc. are the best places to get autographs.

          Hope this helps with your endeavors.
          Go Broncos!!! - Hosea 10:12