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I met Steve Harbula at training camp today...

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  • I met Steve Harbula at training camp today...

    In going to the early morning training camp I had three occasions to speak with Steve Harbula. It is nice to put a real person and a face behind the one who has made these boards possible.

    I was just walking by and saw his name badge. I introduced myself as a member of this forum and asked him if he wasn't the person who developed this and he said he was. Since I was one of the original members we were able to talk about the creation of this board and how it has changed for the better over the years. Two other times we spoke that morning and all of it was good.

    If you ever get a chance to meet Steve, do it. He has a lot of football knowledge and is a real easy person to talk to.

    We owe a real debt of gratitude to Steve and all the hard work that he has put into this. In fact during the morning session he had 5 guys working on information, pictures, interviews that were going to go on the web site, even before the afternoon sessions started.

    Anyway I thought I would share this with all of you...

    Thanks Steve...
    Go Broncos!!! - Hosea 10:12

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    You met the boss, eh? Glad to hear he's nice in person. He's done a great job with these message boards.
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      Originally posted by Javalon
      You met the boss, eh? Glad to hear he's nice in person. He's done a great job with these message boards.

      *Awaits the rest of Broncomania to make a "Thank you Steve" thread come to life *


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        If Steve is responsible for this forum or the rest of, then great Job Steve.

        For those of us that don't know the history, can anyone fill us in?

        Was the Broncomania messageboard always part of
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          Bronco Mania board has only been around 3 years and 2 months I believe... Before that we did not have a forum we could talk on that the Denver Broncos supported.

          It was a good forum but there was only one MOD and he really had his work cut out for him. There were a lot of posters that had real foul mouths and the COC was not in place at that time and was really hard to enforce. We though had a very active board and many posters and lots of arguments. Most of them in good fun, but as I remember much more heated then and a lot of crassness.

          Also we did not have all the places to post, if I remember right it seems to me there was only one forum. Feel free to correct me those of you older members that remember better then me on this.

          Very few members were suspended but suspensions did happen after many warnings and other members literally boycotting a poster. (Do you all remember Horseface?)

          The first forum had a simple interface and there were no smiles or anyway to enhance your post. I seem to remember writing some of my articles in Microsoft Word and then pasting them into the thread that I was writing on.

          Anyway a lot of hard work has gone into these boards and Steve has done most of it at first as far as I know.

          That is what I remember... Those of you that were here in the beginning feel free to add more...
          Go Broncos!!! - Hosea 10:12