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7/30 PM Practice notes and observations.

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  • 7/30 PM Practice notes and observations.

    Mike Bell impressed again. This kid has some serious moves as was seen on some nice runs and screen passes caught. He is clearly the #3 back behind Dayne and Bell as of now. Who knows if he keeps it up!?

    Dayne showed better vision and found some nice lanes today. Looked alot better than yesterday. Had a few real nice runs. Is definetely our best option in pass protection as far as RBs go as well. Still #1 IMO

    Tatum Bell again just looked blah. I have no problem with him at all and want him to succeed... he just looks very average though.

    Brandon Marshall and Darius Watts are battling it out for the #3 job IMO. Marshall really uses his size to his advantage and catches nearly everything thrown his way. Watts was limping again though and if hes hurt the job is Marshalls to lose. The last couple spots are being fought for by Terrell, Kircus, and Devoe. Charlie Adams had alot of drops today. The majority of the looks are definetely going to Marshall and Watts.

    Karl Paymah was very physical and had some nice break ups on balls that were all but completed. He looks like he has progressed light years since last year and is a great backup and depth to have in our defensive backfield.

    Elvis Dumervill was indeed playing defensive tackle most of the time and constantly in the quarterbacks face. He looks a little small out there next to the D Lineman, but hes strong and has a low center of gravity and a good burst off the ball. I think he is gonna surprise alot of people and be very effective as a situational pass rusher.

    Brian Clark will definetely make the practice squad and is someone to look out for in the future. Great size and speed. Was seen playing often with the second team offense and getting a decent amount of looks.

    Jake Plummer with the exception of a few balls has been dead on. Very accurate and looks composed throwing out of the pocket. His bootlegs are a thing of beauty to see that close up.

    Cutler is gonna be great someday. I say 2 years, but who knows... he is very raw, but very talented. He throws with ALOT of zip on the ball. And once gets the offense down, you can tell he is gonna be a leader and commanding force. He reminds me of Peyton Manning in the pocket, but has more mobility like elway. Should pass BVP as our #2 QB for the year.

    Nate Webster was commanding the middle linebacker with the first team in Al Wilsons absence. He is a very very solid backup and would be competing for a starting job on another team. Both Wilson and Gold sat out, so the first team was Louis Green, Webster, DJ Williams.

    Curome Cox was running with the first team defense in Lynchs absence, along with Brandon they form two very solid backups. Hamza Abdullah is peaking in their as well.

    Foxy and D will were pretty quiet today. Both got beat a few times. Both made a few nice plays. D Will is definetely the starter though. Would like to see Foxworth get more physical.

    Our TE's were pretty damn impressive for all the worry. Nate Jackson catches everything thrown his way as does Tony Scheffler. Chad Mustard is a BIG BIG BOY and looked very decent too.

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    very nice report. thanks alot man!


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      Great info! How did the D and the O-line look though?
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        The defensive line seemed to be in the quarterbacks face fairly often during the scrimmage, especially the second team harassing BVP. We are definetely implementing new schemes to generate more pressure out of the front 4 which makes me happy to not rely on the blitz all the time. Nealry our whole starting D line was not practicing tonite though.

        From where i was sitting most of the time our it was tough to judge o line play. They opened up some nice holes for Dayne and Mike Bell though. Plummer and Cutler have been throwing well from the pocket which tells me good things.


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          great post


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            Thanks for the info and hardwork
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