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Great News on Duane Carswell...

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  • Great News on Duane Carswell...

    So far, so good for Dwayne "House" Carswell.

    The offensive lineman and erstwhile tight end has made it through all six training-camp practices so far through training camp, and even though he's endured some rough moments -- such as being beaten for a sack by Patrick Chukwurah in the "move-the-ball" segment of Sunday morning's practice -- simply being able to go through such rigorous work nine months after sustaining numerous internal injuries in an automobile accident is victory enough.

    "He's doing great," Head Coach Mike Shanahan said. "I'm just amazed at what he's been able to go through (in regards to) the rehab he's gone through to get himself in this position, and he's doing a great job practicing. It's really a testament to how hard he's worked in the offseason."

    Carswell and his teammates reconvened Sunday afternoon for a practice that was intense, if a bit chippy, as receivers such as Charlie Adams, Brian Clark, David Terrell, Brandon Marshall and Darius Watts each dropped passes, much to the coaches' consternation.

    I am definitely pulling for the "House". He has worked very hard to come back. If I remember right I saw him with the Second team offense on Friday. Go Duane!!!
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    Thats always good to hear.


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      he can even play tight end for us in goal line situations. he holds the nfl record for most receptions and TD receptions by a lineman.


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        Yey! Good news!
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          Thanks good read . Its good to see him recovering.


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            I'll bite my tongue. Glad to see he's healthy.


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              i hope to see him on the field this year.


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                Glad to see hes recovering well. I wouldnt completely trust shanahan when he says that carswell is playing great though. Most of the reports ive seen have said that he has been pretty bad.


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                  Originally posted by Kaylore
                  I'll bite my tongue. Glad to see he's healthy.
                  i won't bite MY tongue. . . . i'm glad he's healthy, but the guy is a woman-beater, and if he gets cut i won't shed any tears for him. . . . he's worked hard for this organization over the years, but for me that doesn't excuse how he's behaved off the field. . . . .
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                  rest in peace, darrent williams and damien nash-- you will be missed!!