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Sportsline Article regarding the RB situation of Denver...

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  • Sportsline Article regarding the RB situation of Denver...

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    Can someone

    Please post this article. My comp is not letting me open it for some reason. I would really like to know what the article is talking about. Cp's to anyone that will post it.
    My adopt-a-bronco is.......Ron Dayne


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      Originally posted by Heisman 99'
      Please post this article. My comp is not letting me open it for some reason. I would really like to know what the article is talking about. Cp's to anyone that will post it.
      Camp Confidential: Sorting out Denver's backs

      Aug. 1, 2006
      Dave Richard
      Senior Fantasy Writer

      No matter what city you live in, you're familiar with the mystique that comes with being Denver's starting tailback. Since Terrell Davis burst on the scene in 1995, the Broncos have been known as a RB factory, churning out polished, productive runners behind an offensive line that always runs a terrific (but controversial) blocking scheme. Fantasy owners have always placed an extra sprinkle of value on the runner in Denver since they know about the reputation (and expectation) Broncos rushers carry coming into a season.

      However, Denver's backfield heading into 2006 have made Fantasy owners a bit skeptical. That's because the two men competing for the starting job are former Heisman winner-turned-NFL bust Ron Dayne and former second-round pick Tatum Bell, who hasn't been a total disappointment but hasn't met expectations, either. Dayne is expected to land the starting job and take over in Mike Anderson's role from 2005, but Fantasy owners have a hard time accepting him as a starting NFL rusher. Bell, on the other hand, has the potential to put together a Larry Johnson-type season, but he's not getting the first-team reps.

      What we have learned thus far at Broncos camp is that whenever the Broncos' first-team offense breaks from calling the play and goes to the line of scrimmage, Dayne is in the backfield. That's not to say Bell doesn't get any first-team reps, but he isn't getting the time Dayne is. That means a lot. We've learned Dayne is in fine shape, has been running with authority and is closer to being more like Mike Anderson circa 2005 than Ron Dayne circa 2003, which is precisely what Denver wants.

      Moreover, we've been told that Bell has not been a strong runner early on in camp, getting knocked over too easily on carries. Considering that these drills aren't at full speed, that's definitely not a good sign.

      It sounds weird to be touting Dayne as a useful Fantasy running back, but it's looking like he will be. Owners know that he has been mostly a disappointment in his NFL career, not rushing for more than four yards per carry until last season. He might get to four yards per carry in 2006, and if he carries the ball the 239 times Anderson did last year, my calculator tells me that's 956 rushing yards. Of course, Anderson missed a game last season, so Dayne might even be good enough to land 1,000 yards on the ground, which would be a first for him and a total coup for owners who take him as a No. 2 Fantasy rusher.

      Bell, on the other hand, will see time and get eight-to-12 touches per game so long as Dayne is healthy. Considering his career average of 5.3 yards per run, that's not an entirely horrible situation. He might be the best No. 2 RB in the NFL, making him a decent No. 3 Fantasy RB. But Dayne will get more touches, so that puts him ahead of Bell.

      As for not drafting Dayne just because he's Ron Dayne ... get over it. If you're needy for a back in Round 6 or 7 and still see Dayne on that draftboard, he'll look like Walter Payton to you, and you won't mind having him then.
      Roaf retirement rocks Tony Gonzalez

      The sudden retirement of Chiefs OT Willie Roaf may have scared Fantasy owners into not drafting RB Larry Johnson or QB Trent Green, but the real loser from a Fantasy standpoint is TE Tony Gonzalez, who now may be forced into blocking more and receiving less.

      Let's do some O-line mathematics: Roaf was considered one of the best at left tackle, but when he was lost for six games last year, Jordan Black had to step in. Black, 26, is no Roaf, but when you combine an inexperienced tackle in Black with an experienced blocker like Gonzalez, you get the results of a Roaf. So to recap, Black + Gonzalez = Roaf, but then the Chiefs offense gets Gonzalez erased from the passing game.

      Now the Chiefs have no Roaf for a whole season, and they have Black, veteran Kyle Turley, youngster Will Svitek and reserve OT Kevin Sampson to replace him and they have an opening at right tackle to fill, too. It's a game of musical chairs, and somewhere in there, Gonzalez lost his potential for a 1,000-yard season.

      Is he still a starting Fantasy tight end? Of course. The Chiefs aren't about to turn their best target into a one-dimensional blocker. He should be counted on to get between 800 and 900 receiving yards with four or five TDs. It's not bad for a Fantasy tight end, but it's enough to put him behind Antonio Gates and Jeremy Shockey in our Fantasy TE rankings.
      More camp chatter

      • Texans RB Domanick Davis has been limited thus far in camp with a sore knee, reports the Houston Chronicle. The original gameplan for Davis was to practice once a day this camp, but he's had a hard time going just once, so the team got him an MRI, which did not reveal any damage but continued to show that he is low on cartilage in his knee. "It's nothing new, just real sore," Davis told the newspaper. RBs Antowain Smith and Vernand Morency are battling to back up Davis, and judging by what we saw last year and now, one or both of them could be starting at some point in 2006.

      • Jaguars WR Matt Jones appears to have the edge on replacing Jimmy Smith as the No. 1 wide receiver in Jacksonville. Jones, 6-foot-6 and able to run the 40-yard dash in 4.4 seconds, has been running with the first team in camp and on most accounts looks fine. "He's our ultimate playmaker," QB Byron Leftwich told the Florida Times-Union. "He's able to out-run people and out-jump people to catch the ball and make guys miss. He's our X-factor; he's the guy that can break open football games for us."

      The more interesting nugget from Jaguars camp is that WR Ernest Wilford, who put together a mostly impressive 2005 after starting the year as a virtual unknown, is working with the second team, competing for the No. 3 WR spot. That's because third-year receiver Reggie Williams is getting one last shot at starting. The consensus out of Jacksonville is that Wilford is the better possession-type of receiver while Williams is a high-energy guy who makes great blocks and can haul in the ball on big plays.

      • We have learned that Buccaneers RB Cadillac Williams will add receiving duties to his workload this season. Williams had just 20 receptions in 2005, getting 81 yards through the air. Is it enough to push him past Steven Jackson in our RB rankings? Not so fast, Cadillac -- remember that nagging foot injury that sidelined Williams for a few games last season? His durability remains a concern, and keeps him as the 10th overall RB on our board.

      • The loss of Falcons WR Brian Finneran doesn't mean much to Fantasy owners as Finneran was mostly used as a bye-week replacement. But his absence will force young WRs Michael Jenkins and Roddy White into bigger roles with Atlanta this season. We like White to be the guy who steps up based on his offseason dedication to the team, which included several sessions with Michael Vick. Keep an eye on him this preseason.

      • The Bears were offered Denver WR Ashley Lelie for RB Thomas Jones, but balked at the offer. The Bears currently have Mark Bradley, Justin Gage and Bernard Berrian competing for the No. 2 WR job opposite Muhsin Muhammad. Bradley is the most promising, but Lelie could be enough of a threat on the opposite side of the field to help 'Moose' come close to 1,000 receiving yards, a rarity in Chicago.

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        Great article, thanx jared, and cp's comin to ya.

        I really hope Dayne wins out the competiton for the starting role. The guy has been really talked badly about since he's been in the league. I hope he can turn his career around and shut everybody's mouth up about him being a bust. If it serves me correct, i remember his statement last year after the Dallas Game he was gonna show Mike shanhan that he aint no BUST. So far so good, hope he keeps it up.
        My adopt-a-bronco is.......Ron Dayne