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    Originally posted by PLUMMERFAN16
    I'm starting to get a little.....I wouldn't say p!ssed, but....confused. How is it that Mike Bell can be doing so good, yet he's not getting reps with the first team when by all accounts, is superior to Dayne in seemingly every way so far?
    Because there is a process that NFL teams go through. One good week of practice is not going to vault him into number one on the depth chart.

    IF he continues to do good in practice...

    IF he shows the same prodcution in the pre-season games...

    Then, maybe he will be bumped up the depther charte. The other factor is that sometimes coaches don't want to trust a rookie to carry the load. This is probably because they think the rookie has a better chance of making mental mistakes at the wrong time.

    Hopefully, if Bell continues to shine in practice and does well in the games, then he moves up and starts working with the first team.
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