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Today at camp (8-9)

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  • Today at camp (8-9)

    I got a chance to go to camp today finally. I got to say every year since the move from Greeley, I am impressed with how close to the action we get to be.
    I was on the the 20 or so of the south-west field closest to where the d-line does most of their drills (my most often place of observation). Right away I took notice of the actual size of Corey Jackson and Kenard Lang. Lang, the most impressive of the two, once practice actually started. He's big, quik and has a motor on him. The thing that stood out to me about him was how quik he was to get to the ball carrier and chase the play down when the play was else where. I think this guy will surprise alot of teams this year with his "want to". Corey Jackson stature is great but today he lacked the ability to shed blockers like the smaller ends manage to do. I'd love to see Jackson accel but it doest look like this guy has the explosivness his size and position require, but it is definetley a wait and see situation.
    Another observation of of mine was the recievers, although they practiced on the east field mostly in 7 on 7 s right away Brandon Marshall took the spot light. It just seems like if this guy can get near the ball it is his, most noticably on a pass thrown behind him that he reached behind himself to snag the pass. this guy will be a impact player. David Terrell was also very impressive going up to catch a high BVP pass and coming back to meet the ball on his short routes.
    The most attention grabbing te we have is Sheffler, his size, speed, ability to block and soft hands make the game seem so natual to this guy. Alexander and Mustard stood out too, but most of my attention was on the rookie.

    Another big thing to me was how quik people were to praise Jay and bash Jake's arm. Although Jay does have that quik release with zip on the ball, I was very impressed, but i found myself defending Jake to my fellow surrounding fans. I agree that Jay does have the attributes but he doesnt have the knownledge, just yet. Jake knows that anything less than a Super Bowl will have him out and Jay in. I beleive Jay will push Jake to greatness and we will have a Montana-Young type of situation here.....I hope.

    I think this team is is the most talented I have seen since the SB years. A Super Bowl championship aroma, I smell, Lets Go Fans...IT IS TIME!!!

    Honorable metions:Tyler Everette, FOXWORTH, Watts

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    how did the RB's look?? who was most impressive today?


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      To me...

      Dayne follows his blockers the best, mike Bell finds that natural cut back lane with ease and Tatums speed gets him to the edge fast but with out real contact no running back really stood out


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        See? Anytime we hear about Tatum making a good play, it's always to the outside. Why can't he do the same between the tackles? If he could do both, he'd be the no brainer at the #1 spot.


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          He goes down after first contact` to often He being Tatum


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            Great report, Denver Loyal!

            It's wonderful to hear our rookies are doing so well. I cant wait to see the game Friday night!
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