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Out of state Brooncos fan wants to go to training camp....plese help.

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  • Out of state Brooncos fan wants to go to training camp....plese help.

    I am visiting from San Antonio, Texas and would like to go to the training camp session on Sunday. says that the practice s scheduled to start at 2:45 but it also says to get there early because there is limited parking. Can anybody tell me what time I shoud get there to assure that I can get in?? I also have tx to saturdays titans gme and am excited about getting my first taste of the Broncs at Invesco. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    The gates open at 1:45. If you want better seating, get there about this time. You will have to wait though, I hope you like standing!

    I'm sure you can get in around 15-30 min before practice, but seating will be worse, especially if you are bringing others.

    I managed to sit in the VIP section without having a VIP pass. but I'm sneaky sneaky (and very lucky).

    Have fun!


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      Their isn't necessarily any time that would prohibit you from getting in...I've seen fans arrive 2 hours early from 1 hour late, so as long as you show up, they won't close the doors on you... They're starting to do some 7on7 drills now, thats where it gets fun, so anytime in the last weeks of training camp is a good time to show up...
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        thanks guys. i will be there!!


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          Any time you get there will be fine. If you get there late you might have to squeeze in somewhere if you want a good spot, but it really isnt a big deal.