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Inside Denver Training Camp is on tonight 8-14

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  • Inside Denver Training Camp is on tonight 8-14

    It is on the NFL Network at 7:00 C.T>

    I work at Vanderbilt University

    Where Jay Graduated!

    I tell you I love Elway! He was my hero growing up. I loved the way he threw the ball with velocity! I love that in a QB. This is why I am a Cutlerfan!!

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    Yey thanks for posting that or I wouldn't know it was on!
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      anybpdy see it I missed it and the replay is on friday.


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        Yeah I saw it..... was a good watch. They talked about our draft choices, Javon, Cutler.... They showed a bunch of drills, 7 on 9, 1 on 1, 7 on 7 etc. There was an interview with Shanny, a breif run down of the broncos last season and how it ended and a few other segments. Overall it was cool to watch.

        Thank you for everything Darrent. I'll never forget #27.


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          I thought the best part was the 10 min's or so they had of a wired Shannahan. He can go from joking around to dead serious in one play. He has an uncanny way of getting his point across without screaming. I think the players have said he can show his displeasure with the "look". Then they know they are in trouble.

          Anyway, one of the better moments was when Kircus ran the wrong route. Shanny brought him over, asked him what he did, then told him he should know better than that. Apparently, he ran near two other recievers, clogged things up, and drew half of the defense to him. Shanny made it clear in no uncertain terms that that will not happen again. He is to know the playbook, period, end of story.

          I think Kircus got the message.
          "I've always thought that Raider fans in Oakland were not so much fans as they were 50,000 people out on a work-release program." - John Elway.


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            Is it just me or is this the most exciting camp in forever?
            2014 adopt a Bronco #63 Ben Garland


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              It was pretty cool,Sally said he always thought Jake was a good QB,LIAR,Everyone use to talk **** about the Snake Now people love him,LOL,LOL,LOL