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"It... escalated to the point where i had to whup him"

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    Hey, it is good because it means our players are aggressive but I dont know who to root for.


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      Originally posted by CB Bronco Fan
      Hey, it is good because it means our players are aggressive but I dont know who to root for.
      I do! The Denver Broncos!

      I don't understand this idea of taking sides in a brief, private disagreement.

      The battle got a little heated, then they made up. They said so.

      *shakes head*



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        We shouldn't be rooting for Kircus. Nor Cox. Nox Foxworth.

        We need to root for the hope and possibility that this won't happen again and the players will surely get a little reminder of what happens when you act out and fight (whatever the scale of the skirmish was).

        We're not getting to the superbowl with crap like that on the team. Meaning if we fight and create some bad blood in the team, all we can do is get worse from it. Why should we choose sides and encourage it?

        I admit. I don't know what happened exactly. Few if any of us do. I've heard a variety of reports but I don't give a damn how it happened or what the scale was. It shouldn't happen period. It will happen at some point, but it's not something a classy organization like the Broncos need.

        You all remind me of the circle of people chanting around a fight in Junior high. (Most of you atleast).

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          Originally posted by BroncoDoom
          I saw the video of the little skirmish between foxy and kircus on
          It was really nothing at all. A few shoves between Kircus, Foxy, and Cox. I was pretty annoyed when Foxworth came on the interview (with his helmet on backwards?) , and started talking about how he had to "whup him." Its not a huge deal but it just struck me as pretty annoying and like he was being a bit cocky about it.... it was a few little shoves and no one got the better of each other. Thought it was kinda lame how foxy handled it in the press afterwards.
          ROFL!! I saw the interview. That...was...ssssoo..FUNNY I like how he just throw that in at the end. I thought he was going to be hummble about it and then he throws in "I had to whoop him."
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            That's even funnier the second time around. He just so easily throw that at the end and didn't smile or anything.
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